Volume 2, Number 1, January 2, 1975


January 2

Sadat Stages Riots in Cairo over Brezhnev Snub

Iranian Spokesman Admits CIA Shah’s Vulnerability

Trilateral’s Die Zeit Pushing Amendola in CP Faction Fight

Schmidt: West Germany Can Get over the Hump with Strauss?

Brezhnev Cancels Trip to Egypt, Stuns Bourgeois Press

UAW Organizes Mock Soupline To Build Support for its Fascist Policies

January 1

European Economy Faces New Year on Edge of Total Collapse

Labor Party Court Hearing against FBI

UAW Pushing Red Scare To Back Up Suit against Labor Party

Soviet Union Set To Break Stalemate in the Mideast

PCF Left Turn Nets Gains in Plant Votes

Yugoslavs Blast “Pseudo-Neutrality” of Austria

Destruction of Congress Real Target of CIA Exposé

Investors Rush into New “Golden Age”

Labor Shortages Stall Rio de la Plata Project

Key Political Test for Rockefellers’ Forces Looms on U.S. Battleground

Press Builds Up Image of Lazy Workers

December 31

West Germans Plan Political Chaos for 1975

Australian Disaster Pretext for CIA Psywar Dress Rehearsal

West German Gastarbeiter Union Rumored

West German Communists Blast Shah

Venice PCI Enters Government To Enforce Austerity

Financial Troubles Cause Energy Project Breakdown

Japan Socialist Factions Fight over Trilateral Trap

Department of Labor Helps Implement “Share-the-Work” Plans

French Press Touts Strauss To Intimidate PCF

December 30

Capitalist Credit Options: Hyperinflation vs. Deflationary Collapse

South Africa Sacks Skilled Labor, Breaks Unions

Venezuelan Press Warns of Ford’s Emasculation

December 29

PCF Hardline Squashes Right-Wing Moves by CGT Head Seguy

Canadian Development Projects on Brink of Collapse

Canadian Development Projects: A Brief Rundown (with map)

Special Report on Labor Committee Year-End Conference

World Strategic Doctrine Set To Defeat Rockefeller

December 28

Eurocurrency Markets on Tightrope

December 27

Rocky Bails Out Chrysler, Hesitant To Let Automaker Fail

Rockefeller-Chrysler Lines of Power Chart

U.S.S.R. May Cancel Arms Aid to Egypt

Reuther and Bernstein Offer Leads on CIA Infiltration of Labor