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Volume 2, Number 2, January 5, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 2, January 5, 1975

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January 5

500,000 Laid Off in France; Speedup Escalated  

CIA Press Moots Possible Change in Mideast Regimes  

European CP Press Attacks CIA Mideast Stooges  

Auto Workers Sue UAW  

Rocky’s Panel: CIA Self-Investigation  

Agricultural Report

Editorial: A Question of Humanity  

Fertilizer Sabotage Threatens Spring Planting  

EPA Covers for Collapse of Tractor Production  

Tractors Needed To Stop Ecological Holocaust  

Canadian Government Sabotages Food Production  

Famine Prospects in India, Pakistan Worsen  

January 4

West German Export Decline Fuels Political Crisis  

Japanese Inventory Sale May Swamp World Trade  

Bankruptcy Threatens North Sea Oil  

Riots in Cairo: Sadat Regime Cracks After Soviet Snub  

Carli Moves To Rescue Major Banks from Bankruptcy  

Deadly Flu Epidemic Assaults Europe  

Rocky To Revamp U.S. Government  

January 3

Mexican Police Kidnap Communist Party Members, Seeking Guatemalan Exiles  

CIA Attempts To Undermine Hard-Press Yugoslavs  

Shah To Lose Holdings in Europe?  

Danish Elections Planned To Trap Workers into “War Measures” Government  

Rockefeller Agent Reuss Challenges Rep. Patman  


CIA Investigation  

Persian Rug Slipping Out From Under the Shah  

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