Volume 2, Number 3, January 9, 1975


Special Feature: A Brief to Congress on the Organization of Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy (The Murphy Commission)


The International Setting

Chart: Renovated International System

How the Murphy Commission Was Developed

Human Politics


January 9

Special Report: What’s Behind Rockefeller’s AEC Watergate Operation

Disclosure of Louis Gold and Fusion Chart

West German Metal Workers Reject British Social Contract Experiment

Dept of Labor Official Feels “Good” About Unemployment Situation

N.Y. Times Omits Echeverria Praise For Rocky

January 8

Rockefeller Condemns 30 Million Mexicans

Mexican Police Assassinate CP Member

Carli Proposes Corporativist Economic Solution for Italy

Soviet Press Reshapes Public Opinion on Detente

Chrysler Starts Dumping Autos in Depression Price Deflation

Energy Projects on the Rocks

“Leftist” Benn Moves Toward Fascist Merger

Chavez Hated in Mexico

Vietnam Offensive Runs on CP Turn

Gandhi Opens Attacks on Fascists in India

January 7

U.S. Population Slated for Triage Death Lists

European Finance Ministers Fumble; Dollar at All-Time Low

West German Ruling Parties Crumble as Crisis Mounts

CETA Slave Labor Program Hits Snag

Ogden Acquitted of Riot Charges in Virginia

UAW and Reuss Propose Phony Reconversion

Rocky’s Choice for Attorney General Exposed as War Criminal

Cholera Epidemic Rips Bangladesh, India

Left Purged Throughout Mideast

Rockefeller Powerless To Stop Economic Collapse

BRD Admits: No Policy on E. Germany

Labor Party Battles Daley Ballot Challenges


Famine and Cholera in the Indian Subcontinent