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Volume 2, Number 24, May 27, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 24, May 27, 1975

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Political Economy

Third World Debt Crushes World Trade

by David Goldman

Arabs Abandon the Dollar; Must Go for the International Development Bank

by David Goldman

News Analysis

‘Neue Ostpolitik’ in Europe

Schlesinger Document Confirms: Nuclear Strike Plan Operational

Special Report

NCLC Conference Plans Rockefeller’s Defeat

Special Brief on the Mayaguez Affair: Rockefeller Test-Run for Nuclear Confrontation

This Week’s Headlines

Rockefeller Agents Push for Nuclear Confrontation; Portugal and Korea Singled Out As Trigger Points; Communist Parties, ICLC Lead Counter Thrust

The Mideast Heats Up

Europeans Move Toward East-West Trade as Dollar Collapses


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