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Volume 2, Number 26, June 10, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 26, June 10, 1975

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Political Economy

West Germans, Japanese Shoot Down Rockefeller Finance Scheme

State Department, PCI in Oil Hoax Threat to Pit Europe Against OPEC

Dump the Dollar for Gold? Transition to IDB

Anti-Rockefeller Capitalists Launch Attack On Austerity as Inflationary

IPS Exclusive

Uncover Plot by Rockefeller To Keep Schmidt Afloat

Special Reports

Goldwater ‘Brainwashed’? Says Make Europe Rubbleheap

Rockefeller Agent George Ball: ‘Keeping Populations Alive a Disservice’

Triage in Latin America

Triage in Asia

Triage in Africa and the Mideast

This Week’s Headlines

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June 5: News Bulletin #439

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