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Volume 2, Number 29, June 30, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 29, June 30, 1975

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Political Economy

West German Chancellor Says: Depression Will End by 2000 A.D.

by David Goldman

“Recovery” Means Destruction of Economy and Labor Force

by David Goldman and Robert Berkowitz

Third World Offensive Makes Shambles of Washington’s Policy

by David Goldman

Special Report

CIA/LEAA Crime Syndicate Exposed

Brazil’s Capitalists Protest Rocky’s ‘Economic Miracle’

by Daniel Sol (Dennis Small)

Gandhi Jails CIA Opposition

This Week’s News Round-Ups

June 23 Early

June 23 Late

June 24 Late

June 25 Late

June 25 Early

June 25: News Bulletin 450: USLP Candidates Framed for Exposing CIA Rape Squad “RU” Linked to Arrests

June 26 Early

June 26 Late

June 27 Early

June 27 Late

June 28 Early

June 28 Late

June 29

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