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Volume 2, Number 32, July 23, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 32, July 23, 1975

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Political Economy

Debt Threatens World Trade

World Dollar Debt Moratorium Now Or Fascist Economic Reorganization

Bank Liquidity Crisis To Shut Down US Economy

Special Reports

FBI Orders ‘Open Season’ on USLP

LEAA Gestapo Operations in Reading, Pennsylvania

Portuguese CP Defeats Fascist ‘March on Lisbon’

IPS Daily Reports For July 14 Through July 20

July 14 Early

July 14 Evening

July 15 Early Evening

July 15 Late

July 15 News Bulletin 462: FBI Orders Right-Wing Attacks on Labor Party Members in Reading, Pa.

July 16 Early

July 16 Evening

July 17 Early

July 17 Late

July 18 Early

July 18 Late

July 19

July 20

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