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Volume 2, Number 33, July 29, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 33, July 29, 1975

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Political Economy

Soviets Move To Replace Rockefeller’s IMF-World Bank

Third World Calls for Debt Moratoria Against Rocky

World Capitalist Markets Collapse As Dollar Sucks Up Liquidity

by David Goldman

Soft Loans Lock in Banks as Oil Projects Sink

by David Goldman

Special Report

N.Y.’s Big MAC Bankrupt; Bankers Cry for Fascism

Twelve Democrats Call for Debt Moratorium

Special Reports

Kissinger Runs Guns; Heads Global Terror

ICLC Busts International Press Blackout on Kissinger-NSC Terrorism

Fusion Power in 1970’s: Soviets Announce New Approach to Laser Fusion

IPS Daily Reports For July 24 through July 28

July 21 Early

July 22 Late

July 23

July 24

July 24 Late

July 25 Early

July 25 Late

July 25: Press Release 468: NALP Candidate Beaten by Professional Thugs

July 26 Early

July 26 Late

July 26: News Bulletin 469: CREEP Plans Disruption of LaRouche-Evans Rally

July 27

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