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Volume 2, Number 35, August 13, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 35, August 13, 1975

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Political Economy

New East-West Trade Deals: Europe Moves Toward the IDB

Iraq Calls for New Monetary System Minus Dollar Debt

Capitalists are Balking at ‘Biting the Bullet’ on Debt Moratorium

by David Goldman

Bundesbank Cash-In Means Economic Warfare, US Inflation

by Susan Cohen

Inflation to Turn US into Banana Republic

by Ali Baz

Special Report

North Sea Oil Pipe Dream Turns into Costly Nightmare

Soviets Seek Asian ‘Collective Security’ Pact

Soviets Block Chinese Attempts To Sabotage Asian Collective Security

by Daniel Sneider

State Department Corroborates: Rocky’s Engelhard Behind Angola Massacre

by Peter Buck

Mountain Lakes Frame-Up: Two Years Probation, $1,500 Fine

News Analysis

Is Moshe Dayan Through?

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