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Volume 2, Number 36, August 19, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 36, August 19, 1975

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Political Economy

Panic Hits US as All the Band-Aids Bust

IDB To Be Centerpiece at Lima Conference

Financial Analysis

West Germans Punt on Dollar

by David Goldman

Debt Crisis Spells End of Atlantic Alliance

by David Goldman

Europe’s Economy Is Shattered

Special Report

LaRouche in NY: “Our Job is to Stop the Depression”

Special Report: Portugal

French CP Calls for International Support of Portugal CP

Cunhal Declares Communist Offensive in Portugal

Special Report: Angola

Inquiry Urgent: South Africa Invading Angola via Namibia

Portuguese Rightists Sabotage MPLA Fight

What is at Stake in Angola?

by Bob Dreyfuss

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