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Volume 2, Number 44, October 10, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 44, October 10, 1975

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Political Economy

Simon: Banks Need Debt Moratorium

by David Goldman

Atlanticists Forced To Back E—W Trade

by David Goldman

Schmidt: Fixed Rates Will Ease ‘Cheap US Labor’

by David Goldman

US Banks and Industry Collapse

by David Goldman

New Bloodletting in NYC Began on Rocky’s Orders

by David Goldman

Their Debt Moratorium or Ours

by David Goldman

Europe Agrees, Bankrupt US Means Moratorium

by David Goldman

Special Report

USLP, Kissinger Critics Testify in Senate Hearings on the Sinai Pact

Special Report

Finnish Social Dem Bagman Caught with Laundered CIA $

Brandt—30 Year CIA Agent

Special Report

Detroit Kresge’s Folds, Chain Reaction To Come

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