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Volume 2, Number 45, October 17, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 45, October 17, 1975

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Political Economy

West German Industrial Collapse Will Help Bail Out Dollar Sector

by David Goldman

State Department Policy Falls on Its Face in Paris

by David Goldman

Special Reports

Rockefeller, Agnelli Attack Cefis Pave Way For PCI To Enter Government

Brandt Lies: Denies He Is a US Agent

Open Telex to Aftonbladet

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Political Blunders Speed Demise of Brandt and Palme

Rockefeller Revives Drive To Sabotage Fusion Program

Capitalists Coalescing To Oppose Rockefeller

Special Feature

Chicago: Headquarters for Rocky’s Capitalist Opposition

IPS Daily Reports from October 11 through October 16

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October 11 Late priorities

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IPS Weekly Financial Newsletter

International Market News: Europe, Third World, NY Banks Betting Against the Dollar

Domestic Market News: Permanent Crisis Ahead

War on Drugs

Drug Detoxification Act of 1975

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