Volume 2, Number 50, November 22, 1975


IPS Report on United States Politics: NSC Dictatorship Pushes for Thermonuclear Confrontation

International Market News: Rambouillet Splits Over IDB: U.S.-France Axis Strongarms Japan

Domestic Market News: New York Banks Heading Over the Brink

Political Economy

Japan’s Proposal at Paris Summit Opens Way for Transfer Ruble

by David Goldman

Special Reports

Angola Government Forges Program; Rocky’s African Puppets in Trouble

Crash Fusion Support Grows; ERDA Plans More Sabotage

Press Covers Up Drive of French Communists To Contain PCI Agents

LaRouche Cancels San Francisco Tour, Warns of Continued Terror

Agrarian Reform in Portugal: The Lessons of a Successful Peasant Revolution

IPS Daily Reports from November 15 through November 21

November 15 Early

November 15 Late

November 16

News Bulletin 532: NISPS Correspondents Missing in Caracas Four Days After Assassination Attempt

News Bulletin 533: LaRouche Demands Answer from Levi on Manson Investigation

News Bulletin 534: Kissinger Orders Press Coverup of Economic Summit

News Bulletin 535: Possible Deportation of IPS Correspondents in Venezuela; State Department Denies Involvement in Arrests

November 17 Early

November 17 Late

News Bulletin 536: Sources Confirm Authenticity of Manson Letter to USLP: Levi Continues To Stonewall

November 18 Early

News Bulletin 537: Inside Sources in Venezuelan DSIP Confirm: Mexican IPS Correspondents To Be Deported

News Bulletin 538: ELC Member Receives Letter from CIA-Controlled Baader-Meinhoff Gang

News Bulletin 539: LaRouche Cancels San Francisco Campaign Appearance: Warns of Continued Assassination/Terrorism Danger

News Bulletin 540: Kissinger, NSC Implicated in Further Move To Stop IDB: IPS Correspondents Deported from Venezuela, Detained CLLA Member Finally Freed

News Bulletin 541: Right-Wing War Council Meets in Brooklyn

November 18 Late

November 19

November 20 Early

News Bulletin 542: ICLC Press Release: Stop Rockefeller Drive for Nuclear War

News Bulletin 543: Frankhauser Releases Statement on FBI Assassination of Martin Luther King

November 20 Late

November 21 Early

News Bulletin 544: Renewed Threat by Terrorists Against the ELC

November 21 Late