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Volume 2, Number 54, December 20, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 54, December 20, 1975

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Special Analysis of Paris Conference on International Economic Cooperation (CIEC)

Kissinger Blackmails 3rd World; Global Genocide or Nuclear War

by David Goldman

Third World Blocks Kissinger Sabotage of North-South Meet

by Daniel Sneider

Grid of International Press and Relevant IPS Interviews on CIEC


Domestic Market Newsletter: Looking Ahead to 1976: Fantasies of Recovery Are All Bursting; The Watergating of Ford — The Economic Angle; And the Moratorium Again; Albany Legislature Turned into Reichstag

US Political Newsletter: The Battle for the Presidency; Rockefeller Announces Ford’s Imminent Political Demise; The Reagan Boom; Getting Kissinger on Angola; Ford Peace Initiatives in Mideast; A Strategy with Limitations — and Dire Consequences

Special Update on Hilex 75

The Soviet Nuclear War-Fighting Strategy

Nuclear Showdown Is At Hand

by Nikos Syvriotis (Criton Zoakos)

NATO Brussels Meeting Maps Nuclear Showdown

by Uwe Parpart

NATO Deploys Hilex Military Forces for Keeps

by Ronald Kastner

Background to Hilex Food Control Measures

by Alice Roth

State Department Unleashes Economic Warfare on World Shipping Trade

by Susan Cohen

FEA: Core to Hilex Energy Subroutine

by Dr. Morris Levitt

Grid of Federal Agencies’ Response to Hilex 75

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