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Volume 2, Number 55, December 27, 1975

Cover of EIR Volume 2, Number 55, December 27, 1975

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International Market News

Financiers Must Accept T-Ruble or Incineration with Their Paper

by Ali Baz

Capitalists Move Against Dollar; Gold is Way to New World Order

by Ali Baz

Domestic Market News

The Post Christmas Shutdown

NY State Supreme Court Rules That the Debt Moratorium Is Legal

Ford Steers Clear of Two Traps

U.S. Political Newsletter

Kissinger Declares War on Congress, President, and World

Special Reports

Soviet Union Possesses Laser Defense Against Nuclear Attack

by Eric Lerner

Oblomov Sleeps at Die Welt

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

NATO Terror in Vienna

‘Carlos Affair’ Blows Tavistock Crime Ring

International Press Grid on Terrorist Raid on the OPEC Ministerial Meeting in Vienna

Special Asian Evaluation: Japan: MIKI Cabinet Paralyzed Since Rambouillet

Analysis: The Folly of Paul Nitze

by Nikos Syvriotis (Criton Zoakos)

IPS Daily Reports from December 20 through December 26

December 20: “Operation Rex” Special Report: Federal Preparedness Agency on Nuclear War Footing for February

December 20 Early

December 20 Late

December 21

News Bulletin 578: Kissinger Detonates Threat Against Third World

December 22 Early

December 22 Late

News Bulletin 581: Kissinger Declares War on Congress; Mitchell and Other Black Legislators Threatened

December 23

News Bulletin 582: Demand Disclosure of Investigation on Death Threats Against Congressman

December 24 Early

December 24 Late

December 25 Early

December 25 Late

December 26

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