Volume 3, Number 2, January 10, 1976



U.S. Political Newsletter

Ford’s Open Diplomacy — Kissinger: How Much Longer Can He Last? — Reagan: The Bubble Burst Already — Press Hits Rocky’s Perjury; Exposes Illegal Wiretapping — The Administration Fumbles on Domestic Policy — Debt Moratorium Debate Rages in Chicago

International Market Newsletter

Rockefeller’s Final Quarter: Bankrupt IMF: New York Banks Sell Rope for Their Own Hanging — Rocky’s Banks Speculate on Their Own Funeral

Domestic Market Newsletter

The Bottom Has Already Fallen Out — Construction: No Signs of Recovery — Disinvestment Pattern — Primary Metals Downturn — Steel and Auto: Getting Worse — Austerity Versus Hyperinflation: The Insane Alternatives

Special Report

New York: Rockefeller’s Police State