Volume 3, Number 3, January 18, 1976


International Market Newsletter

Rambouillet National Economies Near Brunt of U.S. Banking Crisis

Domestic Market Newsletter

Outbreak of Capitalist Gang War As U.S. Banks, Economy Deteriorate — 1929 Again — Herbert Hoover Ford — The Anatomy of a Capitalist Economic Gang-War — The New “New Deal” — Jitters Over New York Debt — Pensions Conference Draws Managers from Across Country

U.S. Political Newsletter

Eastern Patricians Launch Open Warfare on Rockefeller — Expose Rockefeller Bankruptcy, “New Deal” Fascism: F.I.N.E. — Defusing the Mideast — Kissinger: On the Chopping Block — Ford To Take Command of CIA — The Nixon Connection — Congress Reconvenes: Impeachment, Fascist Austerity on the Agenda

Special Reports:

What IPS Has Said on the Collapse of the House of Rockefeller

I. Excerpts from IPS — II. Grid of Response to Washington Post Articles

The Middle East Crisis

Lebanon: Over the Brink — Rockefeller’s “Jewish Connection” Under Fire — Israel: Dove Eban Considered for Government; Peres Ups Terror — Moynihan Bombs at UN Debate