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Volume 3, Number 6, February 8, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 6, February 8, 1976

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U.S. Political Newsletter

Moynihan Dumped, Kissinger To Follow as Atlanticists Try To Hold Europe

Washington Talk: “It’s A Three Way Race”

U.S. Labor Movement Rejects Slave-Labor Corporatism; Backs USLP Legislation

USLP Launches “Operation Accountability”

Humphrey and Kennedy Out To Block IDB, FEA

Special Reports:

The Lira Crisis; World Monetary System on Edge to Total Collapse

The Group of 77 Meeting in Manila

The Corporatist Legislative Package

The Burger Court: Tearing Up the U.S. Constitution

Kennedy, Church Lead Push for Police State Legislation

Law Enforcement Reform Act of 1976

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