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Volume 3, Number 7, February 15, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 7, February 15, 1976

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Currency Crisis

Resistance To Austerity in Europe Triggers Run on Dollar

A Grid of Incompetence

International Markets Newsletter

Dollar Axis for Europe Crumbles; Seek New International Monetary System

Third World Socialists Lead IDB Fight; Group of 77 Split

Presidential Statement on the Monetary Crisis

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Why the Dollar-Deutschemark Axis Couldn’t Work

U.S. Political Newsletter

The Paralysis of Government in Washington

Up the Ante on Italy Fight

The Schachtian Grab Bag

Behind the Lockheed Scandal — Atlanticists’ European Arms Drive

Wall Street Strongarms Chicago Capitalist Opposition

Pike Committee Report Leaked To Set Stage for U.S. ‘Secrets Act’

Domestic Markets Newsletter

What Recovery?

The Rise in Production ... and the Collapse of Retail Sales

The Unemployment Hoax

No Comfort in Sight

Special Reports

Rat Hordes, Plagues, Hunger — Wall St. Policy for Third World

The Atlanticists Are Clinically Insane

Daily IPS from February 8 through February 14

February 9 Early

February 9 Late

February 10

February 11 Early

February 11 Late

Press Statement: Stop the Rape of Italy — Enact the IDB

News Bulletin 27: FBI/LEAA Jails USLP Candidate for U.S. Senate

February 12 Early

February 12 Late

February 13 Early

February 13 Late

February 14 Early

February 14 Late

News Bulletin 28: Oil Embargo Imposed on Italy

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