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Volume 3, Number 9, February 29, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 9, February 29, 1976

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International Markets Newsletter

Atlanticists Adopt Big Lie Tactic on Debt Question

World Trade Collapses! U.S. Payments Deficit Burst Recovery Bubble

Burns Tightens the Credit Screws

Soviet Congress Adopts a World Development Policy

Patch-Up Job on Italian Lira Is Overshadowed by Political Crisis

Atlanticists Fantasize on Collecting Third World Debt; Plan Argentina Triage as Lesson on Moratoria

U.S. Upswing

U.S. Political Newsletter

Terror on Capitol Hill

Wall St. Puts Political Police on War Footing

The Reemergence of Rockefeller

GAO Report on the FBI Is an Incompetent Fraud

Special Reports

Influenza Epidemic Signals Holocaust in Advanced Sector

Excerpts from Brezhnev Speech at CPSU Congress

Grid of Response to Brezhnev Speech

Milan Investment Counselor Polimeni: ‘Austerity Will Kill Italy’

IPS Daily Reports from February 22 through February 28

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February 25

News Bulletin 36: U.S. Labor Party Presidential Statement: FBI-GAO Report Calls for Destruction of 1976 Elections and the First Amendment

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