Volume 3, Number 13, March 29, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Wall St. To Pull the Plug on Europe Monday

Are Europe’s Atlanticists Ready to Break with the U.S.?

U.S. Lures Third World in Commodity Swindle

How the U.S. Looks at Third World Leaders

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Bankers Prepare Military Coup for New York City To Set Example for U.S.

Government Begins Elimination of Jobless Benefits

U.S. Political Newsletter

Atlanticists Push for Fascist Austerity As Factions Fight over Kissinger Confrontation Policy

Special Reports

Humphrey-Hawkins: Enabling Code for Fascism

ICNEP Director: We’ll Sneak Humphrey-Hawkins Through

Excerpts from an interview with Myron Sharpe, executive coordinator of the Initiative Committee for National Economic Planning (ICNEP).

Opposition to Humphrey-Hawkins in U.S. Is Overwhelming

How Congress Lines Up on Humphrey-Hawkins Bill

Testimony of Treasury Secretary William E. Simon Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The Battle for Italy: Debt Moratorium or Fascism

Exclusive IPS Translation: The Crisis Is Open

by Michel Debré

Interview: George Ball on the Gaullists

Interview: Wall Street Economist: ‘Gaullists Are No Threat’

Interview: ‘West Germans Rebel? Impossible!’

The USLP Mobilization for Debt Moratorium

USLP Presidential Statement: ‘KGB’ Slander Against Labor Committees Leaked into Washington Post

USLP Presidential Candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Declares He Will Pardon Patty Hearst

Democratic Party’s Energy Policy: Glass Pyramids, Bankers’ Socialism

IPS Daily Reports from March 21 through March 29

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March 25

Press Release 43: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms U.S. Labor Party Legal Victory in Pennsylvania

March 26

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