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Volume 3, Number 14, April 5, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 14, April 5, 1976

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International Markets Newsletter

Wall Street Demands Union Busting, 1945-47 Style Credit Shutoff in Western Europe

World Industry in Worst Collapse in History

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Strike Wave in U.S. Determines Economic Reality

Big MAC’s Rohatyn: There’s No Monetary System, So We Must Bust the Unions

N.Y. Transit Workers Get Brazil Contract; Beame Bankers Ask for More

The End of Capital Investment

U.S. Political Newsletter

Wall Street Moves Beyond Humphrey-Hawkins

Debt Moratorium the Solution to San Francisco Strike Deadlock

Special Reports

Beyond Humphrey-Hawkins — Part 1

Corporatism in Britain: Why Protecting Industry Need Not Mean More Bureaucracy

Bankers Propose ‘Social War’ Dictatorships as ‘Solution’ to British Economic Woes

Complete Text of Echeverría’s Speech Made in Mexico City on April 1, 1976

The Energy Hoax: The Nader Connection

The Destruction of the Cities

The JFK Hit: The Rockefeller-Buckley Connection

by Scott Thompson

Lebanon Crisis ‘Desperate’ for U.S., Syria; Left Maintains Stand in Uneasy Ceasefire

LaRouche Denounces Church Committee as Hoax

Daily IPS from March 30 through April 4, 1976

March 30

March 31

April 1

April 2

News Bulletin 44: Peruvian Secret Police Threaten CLLA Member with Arrest for Exposing Right-Wing Plot

Strike Bulletin for April 3 Early

Strike Bulletin for April 3 Late

April 4

News Bulletin 45: Peruvian Right Wing Holds CLLA Members on Charges of Subversion

Strike Bulletin for April 4

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