Volume 3, Number 15, April 12, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Monetary Crisis Out of Control

European Governments Hit the Rock: U.S. To Impose Argentine Solution

Commodity Swindle Peddled by UNCTAD Head for Nairobi Conference

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Consumer-Led Recovery Falters

Chairman of the Dresdner Bank on the U.S. ‘Recovery’

Banker’s Dilemma in New York

U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller Pushes War Policy As Washington Sits Paralyzed

Special Reports

The Frankenstein Principle in Today’s Politics

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

World Rat Population Out of Control: Plague Strikes Nearly 1,000 in Burma

Plague Expert: This Is a Calamity

Beyond Humphrey-Hawkins — Part 2

The Municipal Bankruptcy Act

Harriman’s ‘U-Boats’ Surface Among the Soviet Leadership

Atlanticists Conspire To Set up Purge in U.S.S.R.

Italy Coup Plotted at Washington Conference — Eyewitness Report

Chinese Faction Fight Enters New Phase — Mass Strike, Economic Crisis Dooms Maoist Rule

Excerpts from Speech by Former Gaullist Minister of Agriculture, April 7, 1976

Suppressed Evidence Against Brandt To Be Published Internationally

Syrian Army Invades Lebanon; Mideast Explosion Threatened

Jackson Campaign Caught in Corrupt Election Practice

Grid of Contradictory CIA Slanders Against the USLP

NSC Terrorists Send Death Threat to USLP Candidate

LODF Legal Offensive Closes In on Levi, FBI

IPS Daily Reports from April 6 through 12, 1976

April 6

News Bulletin 46: Counter-Spy Network Threatens Assassination of USLP Candidate Wertz

News Bulletin: Jackson Campaign Caught in Corrupt Election Practices

April 7

April 8

April 9

USLP Presidential Campaign Statement: Declaration of World Health Emergency

April 10

News Bulletin 50: European Labor Party Executive Committee Denounces Leber’s Wunderwaffen Statement

April 12