Volume 3, Number 16, April 19, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

New York Banks and Eurodollar Market Must Be Put Through Bankruptcy

Kissinger ‘Resources’ Scheme Denounced

Europe Relives Nazi Economics

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Price Inflation Threatens New Ratchet Collapse of U.S. Industry

U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller’s Reemerge in Control of U.S. Policy

Black Caucus Leader Endorses USLP Ideas on Debt Moratorium, International Development Bank

LaRouche Demands Kissinger Terrorists Be Stopped Now

ICLC Strategic Studies

Heuristic Applications of the Higher Theory of Manifolds to the Current Strategical and Subsumed Tactical Situation

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Soviet Softliners Dumbly Provoke War

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Special Reports

Ecological Holocaust

Plague Coverup Continues: USLP Declares World Health Emergency

USLP Vice-Presidential Candidate Evans Calls for ‘State of National Health Emergency’

New York City: Death by Fire or Rats

Health Officials Hide Behind Professionalism

Wall Street’s Ventriloquists Control Democratic Party

The Strike Wave in The U.S.

Rockefeller, NSC Act To Upset Lebanon Accord; Lebanese Falange, Peres Keep Nuclear Threat Alive

LaRouche Says Schmidt Overlooked Great Britain

IPS Daily Reports for April 13-17 and 19

April 13

April 14 Early

April 14 Late

News Bulletin 51: Expose USIS Control of Fascist Gang Deployed Against Echeverría Government and CLLA

Press Release: Presidential Statement: NSC-Counterspy Use Murder To Make Slanders Against USLP Stick

April 15 Early

April 15 Late

April 16

April 17

News Bulletin 54: Two Peruvian CLLA Members Still Imprisoned; NSC Slander Network Fully Activated

April 19