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Volume 3, Number 17, April 26, 1976

Cover of EIR Volume 3, Number 17, April 26, 1976

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International Markets Newsletter

Mexico, Venezuela Break Out World Debt Fight

Pound Sinks as Currency Crisis Enters New Phase

U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller in All Out Mobilization for Nuclear Showdown

Special Reports

NSC on Alert over Lebanon Crisis; Kissinger Warns Soviets

Henry Kissinger’s Mideast Puppets

Israeli Leader Calls for Mideast Negotiations

IPS Exposé: The Bermuda Triangle Banking Conspiracy—Part I

‘The New York Banks Are More Bankrupt than New York City’

Economic Collapse Destroys Myth of ‘Swedish Way’

Echeverría Escalates Fight for New World Economic Order

Excerpts from Echeverría's Speech April 20

Expose U.S. Control Center for Fascist Plot To Overthrow Echeverría

The Argentine Model Falls Apart

LaRouche Warns Against Italy Bloodbath

NATO Network Exposed in Italy as Force Behind Arson and Terror Wave

IPS Exposé: What Is the ‘Italian Communist Party?’

Excerpts from Speech by Soviet Politburo Member Yuri Andropov

Gaullist Movement Finds Strategic Leadership in Jobert

The Lockheed Scandal in Japan

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