Volume 3, Number 18, May 4, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

‘The Greater Fools Principle’: Currency Crisis Fuels Atlanticist Drive for War

Hyperinflation: Atlanticists Move for Hyperinflation To Buy Some Time

N.Y. Banker: You Need Showdowns To Show You’re Not All Bluff

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Wall Street Goes for Show of Force Against U.S. Working Class

U.S. Political Newsletter

U.S. Atlanticists in All-Out War Push — Ford, Congress Must Take Extraordinary Action

Harriman-Ball Sovietologist: ‘The Soviets Have No Tripwire’

Latin American Newsletter

De Facto Dissolution of Andean Pact: A Set-Up for IMF Looting

Special Reports

LaRouche Warns: Risk of Early General War

ICLC Executive Statement on Pre-War Black Propaganda Operation in the U.S. Press

‘Spanish Civil War’ Scenario Plotted To Pull a Fascist Coup in Italy

Exclusive IPS Translation: Italian Paper Confirms: Brandt Threatens NATO Coup in Italy

Soviets Warn Against NATO Moves in Western Europe

Johns Hopkins Dean Says Coup ‘Very Real’ In Italy

Dayan Putsch in Israel To Set Up Regional Nuclear War in Middle East

Soviet Government Statement

The Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy Part II — Where All the Money Goes: Inside the ‘Bermuda Triangle’

NATO Coup Threat in Italy Spurs Gaullists On

Exclusive IPS Translation: Excerpts from Jobert’s Program for Europe: Gaullist Leader Jobert Calls for End of Atlanticists Domination of Europe

Exclusive IPS Translation: Gaullist General Warns of ‘American Threat’ to Europe

Soviets Make Peace Initiative to China as U.S. Pushes Second Front

Chinese Leadership Factions Stalemated; China Opts Out of War Role

Kissinger Sweating It Out in Darkest Africa

The End of the Democratic-Labor Alliance: U.S. Labor Party Deciding Factor in Pennsylvania Presidential Primary

Daily Reports from April 26 through April 30

April 26

News Bulletin 60: ‘Counterspy’ Agent Attacks and Stabs Two USLP Organizers

April 27

News Bulletin 61: LaRouche Says ‘Liquidate the Falange’

News Bulletin 62: Peruvian Labor Committee Members To Be Released from Prison Today: CIA Coup Plot Confirmed

News Bulletin 64: LaRouche Warns of Early General War Risk

News Bulletin 65: Paris Liberation Grouplet Exposed as CIA Conduit

News Bulletin 66: April 30 Deportation Hearing Scheduled for USLP Member — USLP Testimony To Show McCarran Act Does Not Apply

April 28

April 29 Early

April 29 Late

April 30 Early

April 30 Late

News Bulletin 67: Monterrey Group Uses Mexican Communist Party (PCM) To Provoke Replay of ’68 Violence

News Bulletin 68: U.S. Embassy Linked to Population Profiling: Rightwing U.S. Senator Confirms Coup Plot

News Bulletin 69: U.S. Presidential Campaign Statement: LaRouche Advises Leone To Disregard New York Times, Not To Resign

ICLC Executive Statement on Pre-War Black Propaganda Operations in the United States