Volume 3, Number 20, May 18, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller Escalates Insurrection As Ford-Harriman Vacillate

Excerpts from the Speech by Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller to the International Press Institute, May 10

International Markets Newsletter

Schmidt Speaks: Atlanticists Implement Schachtian Policies

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Federal Debt Fiasco

Middle East Newsletter

Kissinger Incites Tripoli Massacre, Puts Mideast At Nuclear Flashpoint

Ford: It’s Time To Talk About Broader Mideast Settlement

by Trude B. Feldman

Reprinted from the Jerusalem Post, May 10.

Special Reports

West German Chancellor: ‘Hitler was Correct’

by Criton Zoakos

Excerpts from Schmidt’s Speech (in Response to Herr Carstens)

We Are Looking into Hell

LaRouche Denounces Whorish Press Conspiracy

N.Y. Banker Says: ‘Don’t Worry about West Germany, We Control It’

The Italian Earthquake Didn’t Just Happen

Grid of Political Developments Surrounding Friuli Disaster

NATO’s Earthquake-Causing Capability

NATO’s Disaster Relief Studies

The Deliberate Disaster

Italian Press Exploits NATO Disaster To Brainwash Population into Acceptance of Fascism

Guyana’s Foreign Minister Proposes To Replace IMF: The Battle for the IDB at Nairobi

How the World Press Covered the Kissinger Speech at UNCTAD and Related Developments

USLP Press Statement: Neither the ‘Far Right’ Nor the ‘Far Left’ Actually Exists

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Church Rips Up U.S. Constitution: The Church Committee Report Is a National Security Council Covert Operation

Levi’s Midwest Terrorist Network

Labor Party Brings Government Assassin Team into Court, Police State Drive Boxed In by Legal Offensive

by Barbara Miles

NATO Unleashes International Terror Campaign

Grid of NATO-NSC Terror Activation

U.S. Press Distort’s Meaning of Soviet Defense Chief’s Appointment

USLP Campaign Report: NSC Rips Up Labor Party Votes To Protect Myth of Shift to the Right