Volume 3, Number 21, May 25, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Conspirators Delivered a Blow: Pressure Mounts on Rockefeller and Kissinger after Ford’s Michigan Victory

International Markets Newsletter

Hitler’s ‘New Spring’

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Money Supply Out of Control in U.S

Middle East Newsletter

Kissinger Prepares Israeli Pre-Emptive Strike

Text of Remarks by Sen. Adlai Stevenson III (D.-Ill.) at Hearings of the Near East Subcommittee

Excerpts form Hearings of Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near East Affairs

U.S. Media Exaggerate Coverage of West Bank, Ignore Other Mideast News

Reprinted from the Jerusalem Post, May 21.

Latin American Newsletter

The Latin American Model

Special Reports

‘Nuclear Terrorism’ Exposed as Scientific Hoax

by ICLC Research and Development Staff

Rockefeller’s Club of Rome Launches World Genocide

Exclusive IPS Interview: UN Program has Millions Working for Food Instead of Wages

What the Socialist Sector Is Really Saying – Accurate Translations of Statements that Have Been Distorted by the Western Press

Excerpts from G.D.R. Defense Minister’s Speech – Pravda Attacks Rockefeller’s War Mongering.

Arbatov: ‘We Need a Cuban Missile Crisis To Strengthen Detente’

The Battle at Nairobi: World Maintains Demands for Debt Moratorium Despite Kissinger Wrecking Operation

U.S. Labor Party Presidential Statement: ‘Why Ignorant Bankers Believe Schacht Succeeded’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Modern Day Nazis Agree: ‘Hitler and Schacht Were Right’

U.S. Workers Say ‘No’ To Fascism

Levi and Assassin Team Cornered: USLP Legal Offensive Forces Investigation

‘Elections, Earthquake, State of Siege, Stop Everyone! The Amerikan Has Arrived!’

by Lino Jannuzzi