Volume 3, Number 23, June 8, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller and Kissinger Activate Political Press Operatives to Push War, Undercut Ford

International Markets Newsletter

Crisis of Confidence Hits Dollar Based Banking System

Britain: The Pound of Flesh

The IMF Gold Sale

Italy: Model for Destruction

The Rise and Fall of Deutschemark

Third World Debt Default Looms

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Inflation Buries ‘U.S. Upswing’ – Industry to Choose Between Debt Moratorium and Bankruptcy

Bankers Wield Ax on New York

Middle East Newsletter

Kissinger Pushes Mideast War to Breaking Point, Orders Syrian Advance To Stop Ford Geneva Effort

NSC-Linked Generals Move Toward Coup in Israel

Africa Newsletter

NSC-Institute Networks Push Race War, Subversion of Liberation Movements in Southern Africa

Special Reports

The Nuclear Pearl Harbor Plot: Rockefeller Unleashes Terror Wave in Europe, North America

Institute for Policy Studies Runs Japanese Red Army Terrorists

International Press Responses to Closing of UNCTAD IV

Echeverría’s Speech at the Habitat Conference

Wills’s Speech at Algiers Meeting of Non-Aligned Steering Committee

Report on UN Habitat Conference: Advocates of Genocide Blocked, New World Economic Order on Agenda

Horsefeathers All Over Germany

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Rocky Purges NATO Military To Clear Pathway to War

What the Socialist Sector is Really Saying

Soviet Trade Union Paper Hits ILO Labor Intensive Policy – Excerpts from Kosygin Speech in Iraq.

USLP, NCLC Legal Suits Hit all Levels of NSC, Institute Apparat

The ‘Chinese Way’ Hoax: China’s Economic Collapse Shows ‘Labor Intensive’ Model Means Genocide

Teng: ‘Communism Won’t Exist if There is No Constituency’