Volume 3, Number 24, June 15, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Kissinger-Rockefeller Insurrection Puts World on Brink of War

Middle East Newsletter

Soviets, Ford Act to Ease Middle East War Crisis

Kissinger Sets Israeli Move — Syria Near Collapse.

Syria Regime on Brink of a Coup As Invasion of Lebanon Backfires on Assad

State Department Advisor: ‘Syria Will Destroy the Left’

What L. Dean Brown Thinks about Lebanon Crisis

Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Scores State Department Manipulations in Mideast

U.S. Labor Party Presidential Campaign Statement: Why I Proposed a New Oil Threat

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Official Soviet Government Statement on Mideast

International Markets Newsletter

Soviets, West Europeans Maneuver for Gold Backed Monetary System

Gold – Option We Must Consider

by C. Gordon Tether

What the Soviets Are Saying on Gold and Capitalist Monetary Crisis

British Bail-Out Fails To Stem Crisis of Confidence

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Commodity Speculation Moves U.S. Economy into New Phase of Hyperinflationary Bust

Latin American Newsletter

Kissinger Pushes IRB and Continental Army at OAS Meeting

Kissinger Plots Fascist Assaults on Guyana, Jamaica

Special Reports

What the Socialist Sector Is Really Saying

Soviet Party Leader Brezhnev’s Speech Welcoming Indira Gandhi – D.D.R. on Unstable U.S. Presidency – Where Is the ‘Expanded Security Zone’ Doctrine Taking France?

The Hidden Story of Rocky’s Nuclear Machine: Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger: The History of Their Attempts To Blow Up the World

Third World Wins Victory for New Economic Order at Vancouver UN Meet

The Trilateral Commission Stands Behind Carter

All ‘Cuban Backed’ Terrorism Since 1960 Was Under National Security Council Control

IPS Daily Reports

June 7

June 8

June 9 Early

June 9 Late

News Bulletin 112: Zombie Issues Death Threat to USLP in Buffalo

June 10 Early

June 10 Late

June 11 Early

June 11 Late

June 12

News Bulletin 113: Kissinger Orders Assassination Attempt against Mexican Labor Party Organizer

News Bulletin 114: Mexican Labor Party Demands Immediate Investigation of Attempted Murder of PLM Member