Volume 3, Number 26, June 29, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Raskin’s Terrorists in Countdown to July 4: Guns, Drugs Flood Urban Targets; Nuclear Pearl Harbor Live Option

Mideast Newsletter

Ford-Soviet Geneva Drive Eases Kissinger’s Mideast War Threat

Egyptian Magazine Says Kissinger Directs ‘Butchery of Palestinians’

State Department Mideast Advisor: ‘Ford Bumbling Like an Idiot’

Bankers, Kissinger Worried that Sadat May Turn to Debt Moratorium, Soviets

International Markets Newsletter

June 30: Third World on Brink of Moratoria

Exclusive Interview: Wall Street in Panic over Third World Debt Problem

OECD Ministerial Meeting: A Flop for Atlanticists

Excerpts from the House Banking, Currency and Housing Committee Report on ‘International Banking’

Congressional Report Exposes Eurodollar-Cayman Islands Hyperinflationary Swindle

Gaullist Debré Blasts the Atlanticist Policy As ‘Idiocy’

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Scoop Jackson Out To Sneak Youth Slave Bill into Law

Down the Chute: U.S. Economy Proceeds Down Road to Bust

Special Reports

Raskin-Institute for Policy Studies Terrorists in ‘Count-Down’ to July Fourth: Nuclear ‘Pearl Harbor,’ Ford Assassination Live Options

Seattle Police Bust Terror Ring: Climate Set To Dismantle Institute for Policy Studies

The Institute’s Terror Scenarios

Pittsburgh Hearings Open Way for Dismantling of Raskin’s Institute

Who is Francesco Alberoni? – Part II

IPS-Rockefeller Nazis Run South Africa

‘I Fear Kissinger-Vorster Meeting Is Part of Cold-Coup Against U.S. Government’

LaRouche Call for War on Outlaw South Africa Draws Broad Support from U.S. Black Leaders

Fusion Energy Foundation Conference Gathers Scientists, Industrialists To Plan Post-Rockefeller World Order

Address by Deputy Mayor of Chicago Kenneth Sam to FEF Conference

What the Socialist Sector Is Really Saying

The ‘Lebanese Drama’ – ‘Peace for Lebanon’ – ‘What Game Is NATO Playing?’ – ‘Mister Rumsfeld’s Theatre.’

Italian Election Fraud Leaves Rockefeller, Agnelli Vulnerable

Behind the ‘Capitol Hill Sex’ Scandals: Rockefeller Tightens Control of Press

Seclusion of Mao Sets Stage for Factional Convulsions