Volume 3, Number 28, July 13, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Ford, Regional Interests Launch Counter-Attack Against Insurrectionists

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Burns’ Lies Can’t Cover Up U.S Collapse

International Markets Newsletter

Soviets Propose Transfer Ruble as Basis of New Monetary System

The North-South Dialogue and the Socialist Sector

NSIPS exclusive translation.

The U.S.S.R. and the Problems of the Third World

NSIPS exclusive translation.

UNCTAD: Results and Perspectives

NSIPS exclusive translation.

Reactions to Moves by CMEA, Third World Toward New World Economic Order

NSIPS exclusive interviews.

Siena Bankers’ Meet Looks to 13th-Century Wisdom To ‘Pay the Debt!’

A Dead Horse by Another Name... Desperate Kissinger Pushing IRB Without Calling It That

European Payments Crisis Triggers Drive To Shut Down Eurodollar Markets

‘The Lessons of Mssrs. Ford and Kissinger’

by Michel Debré

Mideast Newsletter

Kissinger Orders All-Out Offensive in Lebanon

Le Monde Interviews Iraqi Vice President Saddam Hussein

NSIPS exclusive translation.

NSIPS Exclusive Interviews Reveal: Why Sadat Is in Trouble

Labor Newsletter

Carter Candidacy Factionalizes Labor Movement Battle Against Institute for Policy Studies

International Terrorism Report

Beyond July 4: Rockefeller-IPS Terrorist Networks Still in Place Awaiting Orders

‘Another Pearl Harbor In The United States?’

NSIPS exclusive translation from L’Europeo.

European Developments: Atlanticists Use Uganda Raid To Destroy National Sovereignty

Agents Move To Cover Tracks: Interpol-IPS Running Boston Terrorism

IPS Activates RAND Scenario for ‘War of Nerves’ in Preparation of Terrorist Onslaught

Levi Brings Interpol Into Justice Department: Montreal Olympics, Boston Targets of ‘Live Terror’

Democratic Convention Controlled Both Inside and Outside by IPS-IACP

‘CounterSpy Cuts Off Tip To Save Tail’

Exclusive interview with Winslow Peck.

Memorandum of Evidence: Rockefeller Institute for Policy Studies and Interpol Ran the Uganda Terrorist Incident

Special Reports

The 30 Years War Scenario: Kissinger Plans Internecine African Bloodbath

European Peasant Organizations Move Toward Debt Moratorium

FFA Calls for Debt Moratorium: Cites American Precedent

The Debt Moratorium Wave—Italy

Nuremberg Law, Debt Moratorium Featured in Third World Charter