Volume 3, Number 31, August 3, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Kissinger-IPS Attempts To Sabotage SALT; Rocky Threatens To Wreck Republican Convention

Carter Advisor: ‘Brazilian Indexing Works Fine’

International Markets Newsletter

Economic Warfare Breaks Out in Europe; Gaullists Demand New Monetary System

New York Banks Declare Currency War on Europe

New York Banker Predicts Currency Crisis Next Week

Ford Republicans Clear Way for Dismantling Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

Domestic Markets Newsletter

U.S. ‘Recovery’ Hits Bottom

by John Furlan

Behind Corporate Watergating Operation: Rockefeller-IPS Use Scandal To Implement Fascist Zero Growth Policies

Special Features

War Threat Analysis: Atlanticists Push for World Fascism and Confrontation with Soviets

Carter Advocates ‘First Strike’

State Department Advisor: ‘First Strike Should Only Be Used in Retaliation!?’

Revival of War Hysteria in West German Press

‘Detente Has Deep Roots’

Exclusive translation from Izvestia.

Kissinger's Lebanese Time Bomb Still Ticks: Soviets in Peace Offensive in Mideast

L. Dean Brown: “There Is No Initiative Except the Use of Force” in Lebanon — Council on Foreign Relations: As Long As We’ve Got Chamoun, We Can Mess Up Anything in Lebanon — Exclusive Translation from Pravda: “A Firm Peace for the Mideast” — West German Editorials on Mideast.

NATO Provocation in Aegean: Wall Street Manufactures Greece-Turkey Crisis

Red Star on Aegean Provocations — Greek Socialist Warns of NATO “Brinksmanship.”

Kissinger Out To Turn Indian Ocean into Thermonuclear Lake

by Peter Buck

Debt Fight Analysis: Non-Aligned Summit To Call for Moratoria: Will They Get the Support They Need?

Attempts To Abort Debt Fight: Secret Negotiations Grant Debt Moratoria to Egypt

USLP Presidential Statement: LaRouche Calls for Repeal of Johnson Act — Exclusive Interview with Chase Manhattan Bank: Sadat To Get Debt Moratorium in Return for Keeping His Mouth Shut at Colombo — Chase VP on Egypt: It’s Not a Question of If They Will Default — “U.S. Has No Room To Move in Egypt” — Loeb, Rhoades: “Our Real Problem Is Brazil” — Brookings: Sadat Doesn’t Really Mean His Threats About Debt Moratorium — West German Bank: “We Can’t Be Sure How Sadat Is Going To Move Anymore” — Exclusive Translation from Izvestia: “An Important Date in the History of Egypt.”

As North-South Talks Stall: Europeans Break Rank with Kissinger’s Third World Policy

French Government Spokesman on EEC Debt Moratorium Concession: We Just Want To Buy Time — Club of Rome: Europe Must Act Judas Goat To Lead Third World to Kissinger Genocide — State Department: There Won’tBe Any Confrontation Because We’ll Be Flexible When It Comes To That — Exclusive Interview with Venezuelan Finance Minister: “Industrial Nations Stall North-South Talks on Debt Question” — Sri Lankan Foreign Minister: We Are Committed to Confrontation If Necessary To Achieve New World Economic Order — Exclusive Translation from Pravda: “Running in Place” — Soviet, D.D.R. Delegates To ECOSOC Support New World Economic Order.”

Third World Analysis: Rockefeller Moves To Destabilize Third World

Atlanticist Assault To Break Mexican Resistance to Genocide

Carter Advisor Klein Conspires in Mexico Genocide Policy — ZPG Lobbyist: “Jimmy Carter Is Key” in Imposing “Population Control” Genocide on Mexico — Wall Street Blames U.S.-Mexican Tensions on Echeverría’s “Strident Third World Rhetoric.”

Rockefeller Destabilization of Latin America

Peru “Independence Day” Salutes New Imperialist Rule by Wall Street Banks, by Mary Goldstein — Rockefeller Threatens Ecuador with Oil Embargo — U.S. Debt Collector Brazil Flexes Muscles — Kissinger Coup Plot Underway in Venezuela — Wall Street Tells World: “Caribbean Is American Lake” — Pravda hits U.S., OAS Intimidation of Guyana and Jamaica.

On Kissinger’s Orders: Wave of Destabilizations Sweep Africa Prior to Colombo

Atlanticist Press “Report” Destabilization of Africa — Exclusive Translation from Pravda: “The Pretorian State.”

International Terrorism Report

ELP Files Suit To Jail Rocky’s Italian Terrorist Controller

Special Reports

Viking and Beyond: The Necessity of Space Exploration – Part I

by Eric Lerner

Labor Newsletter

Woodcock To Impose Carter’s Fascist Program on Labor Movement

West German Atlanticist Puts Carter in Hitler Tradition

by Countess von Doenhoff