Volume 3, Number 32, August 10, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller Endorses Carter, Orders Attack on SALT As Ford Gains Maneuvering Room

International Markets Newsletter

Dollar Bubble Threatened by Treasury, Fed Faction Fight

by David Goldman

Europeans, Japanese Resist Wall Street Currency Attacks

Lockheed Scandal in Japan Exposed As Rockefeller Conspiracy

Excerpts from Japanese press — Kakuei Tanaka, Who Stepped on the American Tiger’s Tail, by Soichiro Tahara — C. Fred Bergsten: In March I Told the Japanese They Had Three Months To Change Their Monetary Policy—And Now It’s Been Six Months — Solomon Brothers on Japan’s Rejection of Plan To Use Yen as International Trading Currency — Wall Street Journal Attacks Atlanticist Monetary Policy.

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Burns’s Capital Spending Hoax

by John Furlan

Labor Newsletter

UMW, USWA Leaders Point Finger at Rauh, Sadlowski in Carter Nazi Labor Front

International Terrorism Report

Italy: Andreotti Out To Destroy ‘Clockwork Orange’ Apparat

by Vivian Freyre

Special Features

Flu Threat: Fact Sheet on Philadelphia ‘Killer Fever’

Uncover Triage Plans, Cover-Up in “Killer Fever” — “A Trap for Viruses”: Soviets Announce New Flu Vaccine.

War Threat Analysis

War Threat Increases: Atlanticists Go for ‘Show of Force’ Against Soviets

Sulzberger: Soviets Will Have War-Winning Capability This Year — Charles Yost: Need for Fascism at Home for America’s “New World Role” — Melvin Laird: Use NATO Against Cuba, U.S.S.R. — Lord Chalfont: Soviets Ready Final Conflict; “Detente an Alibi for the Weak” — Soviet Leader Assesses Strategic Situation: The Enemies of Detente Are On the Counteroffensive — Pravda Asks: Who Is Whipping Up the Arms Race? — Bulgarian Leader: NATO’s Tanks Are Irrelevant; the Next War Will Be Nuclear.

Soviets, Ford Yet To Bite: Rockefeller Set for New Berlin Crisis Trap

B.R.D Press Prepares Population for War with East — Chronological Grid of B.R.D. War Provocations — Soviets Protest West Berlin Treaty Violations.

NATO Steps Up Direct Intervention in Lebanon To Fan Flames of Civil War

Red Star to Israelis: Accept Soviet Mideast Peace Proposal — Now British Mercenaries Fight in Lebanon: The Dogs Go Back to War — Exclusive Translation: Soviets Charge Israeli Intelligence with Gun-Running and Terrorism.

Bankers’ Debt Analysis

Atlanticists Order Zaire To Pay Debts, Signal Destabilization Policy for Southern Africa

by Douglas DeGroot

Pravda Commentary: Soviets Say Kenya-Uganda Conflict Set Up by West.

Europeans Back Off from Wall Street Debt Collection Policy As Dissent Spreads in U S.

Exclusive Interviews on “Currency War” — London Banker: “You Can’t Pick Up the Debt in a Helicopter” — ICNEP Chairman: We Must Override U.S. Political System — Interview with Senior European IMF Official — PCI Journal Analyzes Atlanticist Attack on Gold — Italian SP Paper: Italy Must Support Third World’s Demand for New World Economic Order — West German Banker: “The Real Problem Is Development” — Le Monde Prints French Senator’s Call for Third World Debt Moratorium.

Third World Analysis

Third World Nations Pledge Debt Moratorium in Fight At Colombo Summit

Rockefeller Uses Deportation as Leading Edge of Pressure Against Mexico

Aggression Plotted Against Mexico from Abroad; Expulsion of Mexicans from U.S. Alarming, Says General Gamiz — Mexican Labor Spokesman: Let’s Learn from Peru — Excerpts from Speeches by Mexican President Echeverría — Answering Atlanticist Lies: López Portillo Says He Will Follow Echeverría’s Foreign and Domestic Policies.

Peruvian Trade Unions Back Debt Moratoria At Colombo

by Daniel Sneider

New York Times Cites Chile, Peru as Warning to Pro-Debt Moratorium Third World Nations — As Times Announces Successful Kissinger Peru Coup, Peru Trade Unions Call for Debt Moratorium — Somali Leader in Moscow: Stop Imperialist Offensive in Africa — Yugoslavia’s Tito: Pressures and Blackmail Increased To Break Non-Aligned — Third World Leaders Speak About Colombo — Exclusive Translation from Pravda: “Changes Are Inevitable”: “Developing Countries Strive or New Economic Order.”