Volume 3, Number 33, August 19, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Non-Aligned Nations Hit Kissinger at Colombo; Ready New International Economic Order

What Will Happen At Colombo? Excerpts from the World Press

Developing Countries” — “Important Factor of International Relations” — Financial Times: “A Key Fortnight for the Rich and Poor Nations,” by Reginald Dale.

Peace Efforts

Ford-Soviets Act for Peace

Pravda Reports Ford Interview: President Will Work for Mideast Policy — Rude Pravo Reports Ford Interview: President’s Chief Goal; Progress in SALT — Neues Deutschland Publishes Ford Message to Honnecker — Pravda: Without Disarmament, a Serious Danger Will Emerge — Rude Pravo: U.S. Democratic Tradition Is Opposed to Imperialism — Neues Deutschland: Border Provocations Are Playing with Fire.

U.S. Political Newsletter

The Republican Convention Adopts Plank for Fusion Development

Fusion Foundation Head Tells Republicans: ‘The Central Issue Is Progress’

Scott Answers: Joint Efforts with Third World for Development — Wall Street Journal: Ford Should Follow His Own Superior Judgment.

Labor Newsletter

USWA’s ‘Steel Labor’ Hits Back at Victor Reuther-Sadlowski Wrecking Operation

UMW Traditionalists Assert Leadership To End Strike; Local Chiefs Begin Back-To-Work Movement — 30% Rubber Settlement Ends Four-Month Strike.

Campaign for Progress

The Campaign for Progress Breaks into the Press

Washington Star Interview with Lyndon LaRouche: The Labor Party and Its Role as a Spoiler — Dallas Morning Star: “A Frontier Outlook” — Birmingham News Asks: Will U.S. Keep Leadership? — Denver Post: You Can’t Say You Haven’t Been Warned by the Labor Party.

U.S. Election Fraud 1976

U.S. Labor Party Battles Center-Rockefeller Institute Vote Fraud Machine

Exclusive Interview: Kansas City: “Computerized Voting ... A Throwback to the Days When Ballot Boxes Were Burned — Trentonian: “Something Must Be Wrong Here.”

Health Emergency

Health Emergency in U.S.A.

The Threat Of Epidemic Diseases In The United States.

Kennedy Health Insurance Bill Will Cut Health Services In Half

A Comprehensive National Health Insurance Plan

Statement of President Ford on the Swine Flu Danger.

Carter Deindustrialization

Jimmy Carter’s Economic Platform Is Deindustrialization in U.S.A., Genocide in Third World

Liquidating U.S. Industrial Belt: Carter Forces Tighten Energy Noose in Midwest

Aid to Sahel: Death Under ‘Food for Work’

Population Affairs Coordinator Marshall Green: “Quite Frankly, It’s Triage” — African Food-for-Work Programs: “Food and Incentive To Get Them To Work.”


U.S. Labor Party Response to Kissinger’s Massacre At Tal Zaatar

The Massacre of Tal Zaatar: Isolationist Barbarity and Syrian Complicity

Egypt At The Crossroads: The View from Inside


An Anti-Atlanticist Government Takes Power in Italy

Pravda Gives Support to Andreotti Government


Political Storm Breaks Out in France

On the Agenda: Moratorium on Peasant Debt — French Peasants Loose Attacks on Giscard — Giscard: “Après moi, le déluge!”

International Terrorism Report

U.S. Labor Party Statement on Istanbul Terror Institute

U.S. Justice Department: Where Terrorism and Terrorists Get Their Legal Start