Volume 3, Number 34, August 25, 1976


Ford Calls For Peace and Progress; Must Move U.S. into New World Economic Order

by Richard Cohen

Special Report on the Republican Convention.

What the New York Times Didn’t Say

Rockefeller Plans Post-Convention Wrecking Operation

Our Analysis – American Security Council: The President Is a Terrorist Target – Schlesinger Endorses Carter, Pushes Confrontation with Soviets.

International Markets Newsletter

Panic Starts To Set In on Wall St.

by David Goldman

Europe, Japan at Breaking Point

Europe: Atlanticists Concede Defeat on D-Mark, Yen Revaluation — Japan: Wall Street’s Revaluations Won’t Work.

France: Non-Aligned Call for Oil Embargo Will Cause Split Among French Capitalists

Italy’s Andreotti Pursues Pro-Peace, Pro-Development Foreign Policy

Domestic Markets Newsletter

U.S. Economic Report Figures Show Ford Can’t Campaign on Recovery

Labor Newsletter

USWA Paper Hits Victor Reuther

Special Reports

Non-Aligned Summit Adopts Debt Moratorium, Calls for New Monetary System

Exclusive report on Colombo Conference.

Final Resolution of Non-Aligned Summit

Statements of Third World Leaders at Colombo

World Press Comments on Non-Aligned Meeting

Warsaw Pact Prepares for War; Warns of Stench of Fascism Over West Germany

by Susan Welsh

Pravda Warns Israel on Lebanese Blockade — Stimme der DDR Comments on Lebanese Crisis — Soviets Point to Role of Saudis — “Shadows of the Past”: The West Germans Must Stop Fascism — B.R.D.: Is It Really Possible? Soviets Comment on the “Stern Scenario” — “The Provocations of the Racists” — Soviets Attack Rockefeller and Kissinger.

War Threats

Kissinger’s Last Stand: Pushes for Confrontation on All Fronts

Mideast: Syria in State of Siege As Lebanese Left, PLO Take Offensive

Soviets, Libya To Sign Defense Treaty, As Sadat Pushes War Scare — Mideast Expert: If Assad Fights in Lebanon, He’s Finished at Home.

West Germany: NATO Maneuvers Are War Provocations

“A New Policy of Mobility,” by Adalbert Weinstein — Is the West Strong Enough?

Kissinger Stages Korean Crisis

Greece-Turkey: Trouble for Kissinger Brewing in Aegean

Crises Create Conditions for Military Takeover in South Africa

CounterSpy’s Winslow Peck on South Africa Violence

McDonald Hoax Aims Red Scare at Mexico

International Terrorism Report

IPS Terrorist Convicted in Seattle; Trial Proves Conspiracy Against Labor Party

Vote Fraud

The Fight To Stop the November 1976 Election Fraud

How Rockefeller Controls Elections: The Takeover of the Voting Machine Companies