Volume 3, Number 35, August 31, 1976


Colombo Report

85 Non-Aligned countries Set December for New World Economic Order

Fifth Summit of Non-Aligned Nations: Action Program for Economic Cooperation

LaRouche: ‘We’ve Won Two Billion People to the IDB; What’s Next Is Easier’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

How To Bring the U.S. Smoothly into the New World Economic Order

European and Third World Press on Colombo

Socialist Sector Press on Colombo

U.S. Press on Colombo

Stunned Western Europe, U.S. Prepare To Come to Terms with Colombo

Gaullist Barons Gain Tactical Victory over Giscard after PM Chirac’s Resignation

Sanguinetti: French Need ‘Adventure in Non-Alignment’

Michel Debré: ‘It Is the Hour of Truth’

World Reactions to the Resignation of PM Chirac

Japan’s MIKI Nears Break with Dollar

by Kevin Coogan

Battle Lines Drawn on Development over Control of Italy’s Communist Party

International Markets Newsletter

Aftermath of Colombo: Dollar Is Battered As Monetary Collapse Slips Out of Atlanticist Control

Bankers Respond to Colombo


Velázquez, Beteta Use Blackmail and Violence To Stop Economic Order in Mexico

Echeverría Bids U.S. Join New World Economic Order

Velázquez Forces Build a Witchhunt: A Chronology


Soviets, Edde Call for Lebanon Truce; Syria, Falange Threaten Offensive

Soviet Paper Reviews Israel’s 20-Year Plan To Provoke Partition of Lebanon — Exclusive Translation from Izvestia: Your Role in Partition of Lebanon Is “Playing with Fire” — Pravda: L. Dean Brown Statements Confirm U.S. Support for Lebanon Partition.

Sadat Under Internal Pressure; ‘Stages’ Hijacking and Blames It on Libya

Edde: Only U.S. Can Prevent Bloodbath in Lebanon

U.S. Political Newsletter

Colombo Resolution Forces Realignment in U.S. Election Campaigns

Ford Curbs Kissinger’s Korean War Attempt: A Chronology

How the Platforms of the Major Parties Compare

Labor Newsletter

Who Is Joseph Rauh, Jr. and Why Is He Wrecking Your Union?

by Richard Freeman and L. Wolfe

Special Report

The U.S. Labor Party’s Jordan Process Program

International Terrorism Report

Bare Links of Falange’s Gemayel to NATO Intelligence

Barron’s Briefs Business on the Institute for Policy Studies Operation

Domestic Markets Newsletter

As Burns Walks the Ropes: Trade Deficit Price Increases Depress Markets

U.S. Exporters Want Expanded Role for Ex-Im Bank