Volume 3, Number 36, September 7, 1976


Colombo Report

The Battle For Debt Moratorium: Europe Set To Back Third World’s Colombo Demands

Europe Reacts to Colombo

Chicago Reacts To Colombo

Collapse of Eurodollar Market Near; ‘Green Slime’ Invades Japan

Kissinger’s Counterattack

Kissinger Launches Counterattack Against Debt Moratorium

Kissinger Says No To Colombo


Wall Street Forces Float of Mexican Peso

But Echeverría Won’t Impose Austerity – Excerpts from Echeverría’s State of the Union Message – Echeverría Demands Unity in the Face of Danger of “Nuclear World War.”


Syria, Israel Set for Showdown in Lebanon in Joint War Against Left, Palestinians

Israel Backs Nazi Falange in Lebanon (U.S. Labor Party Presidential Campaign Statement by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.) – PLO: “We Fear A New Black September” – Corriere della Sera Bares Secret Plan Between Syria and Christians for Partition of Lebanon – Pravda: Soviet People Condemn Criminal Interference of Israel in Lebanon – L’Humanité: Falange’s Place in the Imperialist Plan for the Mideast – Falange’s Gemayel: “We Are Ready To Destroy Beirut, House-by-House” – Pravda on “The Events Around Libya” – Sadat on the Hot Seat.

Persian Gulf

Coup Against Palestinians and Progressives Takes Place in Kuwait

“The Threat in the Gulf” — “Palestinians Have Their Warning” Says State Department — Izvestia Hits U.S. Arms in Gulf — New York Banker: The Saudis Ordered Kuwait Coup — Expert on Persian Gulf: “The Whole Area Could Blow Up.”

Southern Africa

Kissinger Blackmails Third World with Chaos

Kissinger, Vorster Vie for Control over Fascist Squads in South African Gang War

African Leaders Charge Kissinger with Double Dealing in Southern Africa

Kaunda Attacks West’s “Double Dealing” — Kaunda: “South Africa Must Be Cracked” — Machel Interview: The Problem Is Capitalism, Not Racism — Pravda Exposes NATO Arms, Nuclear Deals with South Africa.


Gaullists Offer Conditional Support for New French Government Based on Non-Alignment Policy

West Germany

West German Election Focuses on Colombo Plan—Because of the European Labor Party


Japan’s Power Struggle Will Determine Role in New Economic Order


Rockefeller-Agnelli Lockheed ‘Watergate’ of Andreotti Backfires

Andreotti Too Involved in Lockheed Cyclone? — Andreotti Answers the Lockheed Scandal — La Repubblica Editorial — Napolitano: “Maneuvers for a New Crisis Are Absurd” — Lockheed Confirms: The Documents Are False.

U.S. Political Newsletter

Carter Running Scared: Campaign in Shambles

Carter-Mondale on the Stump

“Carter and Labor” — Nuclear Fusion: The Ultimate Fuel?

Campaign Report

Institute’s McCarthy Campaign Runs Interference for Carter; National Fraud Machine Exposed

Domestic Markets

New Government Bank for Industry Needed To Reorganize U.S. Financial Structure

by David Goldman

Wall Street Incompetents Try To Torpedo Ford’s Economy Policy

Labor Newsletter

The Carter-Mondale Ticket to Auschwitz: Youth Slave Labor Draft Set To Roll in U.S.

by Susan Cohen

Carter’s First Week in Office?

International Terrorism Report

Barron’s Prints Exposé of Rockefeller’s Institute for Policy Studies

Wall Street Reactivates International Terrorist Scenarios

A grid of developments: Aug. 29-Sept. 4.