Volume 3, Number 37, September 13, 1976


North - South

Group of 19 Rejects Kissinger’s ‘Compromise’ Proposal, Holds Firm on General Debt Moratorium Demand

Kissinger “Leak” on N-S Talks – White House Advisor: “No Embargo” by U.S. if Third World Declared Debt Moratorium – Bankers React to G-19 Decision To Demand Moratoria at Paris

Italy Pushes For ‘Oil-For-Technology’ Exchanges To Break Seven Sisters’ Stranglehold on Energy

Italian Christian Democrats’ Paper on North-South Talks.

Soviet Trade Offensive Points Way Toward Future European Alignment

Honecker at Leipzig Trade Fair – “The Economic Benefits of Disarmament” – Honecker: Peace a “Top-Priority Task” – “East-West Trade Needs Credit.”

Palme’s Blackout Fails To Hide Swedish Support for New World Economic Order

Swedish News Daily: Fusion by 1985 — Reactions to Palme’s Colombo Blackout.

Gaullists and French Industrialists Demand Economic Growth

Gaullist Debré Sees a Non-Aligned Economic Policy for France — French Banker: “Barre Is a Man for Growth and Industrial Development.”

Japan Industrialists Move Internationally for Trade and Development Deals

International Markets

EEC Resolution on Gold Marks Europe Break with the Dollar

Panic Hits Euromarkets; Pound and Dollar Battered

Financial Community Assesses Europe’s Demand for Halt to IMF Gold Auctions.

European Production Sags Under Weight of Dollar

Japan’s Exports Slipped 6.4% in Month of August

U.S. Political Newsletter

Carter Campaign Collapses: Ford Loses Savvy, Endorses Kissinger

The Press Goes After Carter

Anthony Lewis: Carter “Too Perfect for Comfort” — “The Crowds Are Surprisingly Mediocre” — New York Times: Ford Holds the Cards — New York Times’ Wicker: Carter Not the Issue — Washington Post’s Rowen: Carter Waffles on Economics — Washington Post: Carter Tinkers on Abortion — Evans and Novack: Carter Loses Control of Self, Campaign.

New York Times Admits Reality of LaRouche Campaign

Italian Catholic Daily: “LaRouche The Third Man.”

Peace Moves

Soviets Warn Ford To Curb Kissinger

Pravda Attacks Ford’s Postion of Strength Statement — Pravda: “Reasonable Compromise” for Mideast Peace — Pravda on Detente: “Policy Dictated by Reason.”

Algeria, Libya Leaders for Mediterranean Peace and Security Pact

Colombo Statement on Mediterranean – Report on Algeria-Malta Talks – Greek Socialist Papandreou: A Non-Aligned Future for Greece – Libya Denounces Terrorism.


Rockefeller, Saudis Forge ‘Pax Americana’ Bloodbath Plot in Lebanon; Wave of Reaction Sweeps Mideast

Soviets to Israel: “A Risky Game” – Le Monde Reports Rioting in Cairo — Soviets on Kuwait Crackdown — Soviet Red Star on Gulf Arms Buildup — Unità Reports Italian Government Actions for Mideast Peace – Italian Response to Mideast Crisis.


African Summit Rejects Kissinger’s ‘Mediation,’ Destabilizes His Scenario


Confrontation Builds in Mexico As CIA Labor Agent Velázquez Threatens General Strike


Soviets on Africa

Prensa Latina on Africa


Italians Go After ‘Real Fascists’: the Atlanticists

“The Plot: Who Is Firing at Andreotti?”


Japanese Premier Miki Tightens Hold, Rocky’s Men Lose Ground with Business

by Kevin Coogan


India Proposes Constitutional Changes Which Reflect New World Economic Order


U.S. Chief Justice Burger Tells Swedes: ‘U.S. Constitution Nothing Holy’

Special Report

The Fund for Investigative Journalism: Rockefeller’s Terrorists in Print

by Fay Sober