Volume 3, Number 38, September 20, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Eurodollar Market Hits the Skids

“Everybody Knows the Dollar’s Weak.”

Bankers Respond to North-South Talks

Europe’s Industrialists Are Divided into Three Parts


Kissinger Stalling Ensures Collapse of Paris Talks and Unilateral Action by the Third World

Mr. Waldheim: Soft Blackmail — Africa Demands Conversion of Loans to Development Grants — Cuban Foreign Minister: Advanced Sector Cannot Hold Out Much Longer — Yugoslavia: Advanced Sector Needs Third World — Ultimas Noticias: Debt Is Unbearable.

Moves for New World Economic Order

Italy Organizes European Oil Consortium, Champions Third World Fight in Europe

Il Fiorino Article Says: Italian Debt Moratorium Needed Now — Yugoslavs Take Lead in Non-Aligned Movement — La Repubblica Leaks Documentation of CIA Subversion of the PCI — Il Fiorino Editorial Backs Debt Moratorium — Correre della Sera: Third World Debt Moratoria “Inevitable.”

Cabinet Shakeup in Britain, Canada: Wall Street Locked Out?

U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller Retools Carter as He Prepares for War

Brookings Pushes Military Buildup, Endorses the ‘Stumble into War’ Perspective

Carter Adviser Rostow: A Moynihan Victory Would Help U.S. – No First Strike, Just Tactical Nuclear War, Says Carter Aide.

Special Reports

Mideast: End Of Lebanon War in Sight; Soviets, U.S. Back Egyptian Role in Cooling Lebanon Crisis

Le Figaro: Hope for a Solution — State Department: U.S. Policy in Mideast Hasn’t Changed — Washington Post: “After Lebanon” — Pravda: Sarkis’ Ascension an Opportunity — Israeli Consulate: “That’s Politics” — Peace and Two Profiles of Moshe Dayan — Allon’s “Peace Plan” Revived — Why Sadat Needs Peace.

Coup Preparations Intensify in Mexico; Echeverría Pushes for Debt Moratorium

Mexico’s El Nacional Endorses Generalized Debt Moratorium — Echeverría: New World Order Matter of Third World Survival.

African States Pull Rug Out from Under Kissinger

State Department: Tanzania’s Snub to Kissinger Not a Slap in the Face — State Department: Where Kissinger Goes in Africa, There Will Be Demonstrations — Soviets Attack Kissinger Diplomacy in Africa.

USLP Campaign Report

Strength of the U.S. Labor Party Going into November

USLP Penetration in Seven Core States.

USLP Pennsylvania Congressional Races

Strategy To Win in 1976

Domestic Markets Newsletter

U.S. Economy Hits the Rocks: Interest Rates, Money Supply Fall

New Downturn Marks Faster Bank Looting of U.S. Economy

International Terrorism Report

Rockefeller Moves into End-Game Assassination Deployment

Special Report on Croatian Terrorism

Yugoslav Press on Croatian Terror

Labor Newsletter

Wall St. Tries To Lock IJSLP Out of Labor Movement