Volume 3, Number 39, September 27, 1976


Global Terror

Rockefeller ‘Old Boys’ in Global Terror Campaign

Washington Post Issues Levi Orders for LaRouche Assassination

NATO Reactivates Greek Junta Nazi Networks

State Department Welcomes Greek Military Shake-Up.

Lebanon at Turning Point: Will Sarkis’s Inauguration Lead to Peace?

Pravda Attacks U.S.-Israeli Collusion – Pravda on Lebanon Escalation – Unità Denounces Syrian Attacks, Demands Withdrawal from Lebanon – Pravda Stresses Quick Settlement.

Economic Crisis Prodding Egypt To Seek New Allies

Yugoslav Paper Interviews Egypt’s Foreign Minister.

Moves For New World Economic Order

Unilateral Debt Moratorium Main Issue at UN Assembly

Special Report on Group of 77 Conference: Group of 77 Adopts ‘Colombo Action Program’

Paris Talks Collapse: Third World, Italy Ready Unilateral Debt Moratorium

Italian Government Expands Policy Initiatives in Africa, Mideast – IRI Conference On African Development.

Soviets Speak Out on Debt, Offer Trade Expansion to Europe

Soviet Journal Analyzes Struggle for Debt Moratorium – Pravda: Debt Strangulation Top Issue for Third World – Izvestia: Free Military Funds for Development, by Academician E. Fedorov – Pravda: Development of Coal Key to Meeting Energy Needs – Le Figaro Reports Tass Statements on Debt and East-West Trade.

International Markets

IMF, Wall Street in Panic over Debt Dumping

Bankers Respond to Debt Moratorium Threat

Sterling Takes Its Turn in Eurodollar Collapse

Focused on West Germany: Battle Shaping over Europe’s Anti-Rockefeller Oil Consortium

Lehman Brothers Oil Specialist Foresees Oil Embargo — PSIer Bitetto: Eliminate the Mediation of the Multinationals.

French PM Barre’s Anti-Inflation Plan Postpones Fight for Development

Italy Prepares Debt Moratorium for Cities, Industry

Exclusive Report: Major Scandal Hits U.S. Science

Tellerites Open Witch-Hunt Against Fusion Energy Foundation

U.S. Science Scandal Exposes Tellerites’ Incompetence.

Possony: ‘We’ll Destroy the FEF’

FEF, Scientists Hit by Attempted Witch-Hunt

U.S. Labor Party: ‘Oppenheimer’s Slanderers Try Assault Against FEF’

U.S. Political Newsletter

Ford Debates While Rockefeller Stages Cold Coup

Labor Newsletter

Wall Street Declares War on Labor

Précis of Humphrey-Hawkins Amendments

Keyserling: New Humphrey-Hawkins Will Change the Way Our Economy Is Run — Manpower Commission: Set Slave Wages at $3 Per Hour — Manpower Planner: Let’s Start a New CCC.

Special Reports

Soviets Score Kissinger, Carter

IMF Moves into Mexico with Brutal Austerity; Force Split Between López Portillo and Echeverría

Mexican Columnist: Foreign Debt—Enough Is Enough.

Kissinger’s Rhodesian Peace Plan Designed to Ensure War

Angola and Mozambique: Fight for Housing and Literacy

Peru: Mid-October ‘Chilean Coup’ Set by Wall Street

Feature Report

Did Mao Die in Time for China?

U.S. Labor Party Campaign Report

New York Telephone Involved in Assassination-Electoral Disruption Plot

Chronology – Who’s Who at the Telephone Company?

European Labor Party Campaign Report

ELP Campaign In West German Elections

“Those who are best suited to analyze the new world order are those who have worked on it from the beginning.”