Volume 3, Number 40, October 4, 1976


United Nations General Assembly Report

Italy, Guyana Set Challenge for IDB at UN

Kissinger Threatens War Chaos; Gromyko Warns of War Danger.

Guyana’s Foreign Minister: ‘The Time Has Come for a Debt Moratorium’

Forlani: Italy Convinced of Need for New World Economic Order

Kissinger to UN: ‘The Strong Will Prevail’

Angolan Prime Minister: Italy and Europe Must Lead in Africa

Peru’s President: New World Order Necessity for Survival

Wills Coverage: World Press Nearly Silent on Wills UN Speech

International Markets Newsletter

Britain Pulls Plug on IMF

British PM Callaghan: No Confetti Money Solutions – Tether: Britain Must Take Initiative To Reverse World Collapse – Daily Mirror: No Social Progress Without Industrial Progress – Daily Telegraph: Pax Americana Finished.

Industrialists, Regional Bankers Mobilize To Stop Bailout of New York Banks

Chicago Bankers: “Let the Chips Fall Where They May” – “Society May Be Better Off with Some Bank Failures” – New York Fed: Euromarket Story “A Bombshell” – New York Banks Force Pound Collapse – Banker Picks Countries Who Will Declare Debt Moratorium.

Third World Countries Are Already in Default

U.S. Political Newsletter

Ford Responds to Industrialist Pressure, Nixes Lower Manhattan Bailout

Rumsfeld Acknowledges Soviet ‘War-Winning’ Strategy

Domestic Markets

U.S. Production Nosedives; Ford Choice: IDB or Ruin

Report On Danger Of War

Gromyko Warns of Danger of General War

Red Star Lambasts Concept of Limited Nuclear War

Italian Press on Forlani-Ford Meet

Kissinger Unleashes Syria; Soviets Set Oct. 31 Deadline for Geneva

State Department: Price Is High for Assad – DFLP’s Hawatmeh Explains Split with Assad – Qaddafi: “Sadat Is Bankrupt.”

Special Report

Jannuzzi Exposes CIA Neo-Fascist Spy Journalist Networks


Following Kissinger Flop: British Take Initiative To Solve Southern Africa Crisis

Text of Five African Presidents’ Lusaka Statement – British Government Statement on Rhodesia – Nyerere’s Objections to Kissinger-Smith Rhodesia Plan – Zimbabwe People’s Army Program.

USLP Campaign Report

LaRouche-Evans on Ballot in 24 States; Court Actions Underway in More States

Strength of the U.S. Labor Party Going into November: The Ohio Congressional Campaign

The Michigan Congressional Campaign

Labor Newsletter

Candidate for UMW President To Campaign on Progress