Volume 3, Number 41, October 11, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Europe, Third World Ponder Dumping Dollar

Japan Banker Bucks Revaluation But Accepts Need for Austerity – France At IMF – Il Tempo Castigates IMF Loan Plan for Rocky – India’s Finance Minister to IMF: “No Alternative” to Debt Moratorium – U.S. War on Gold “A Fiasco.”

Comecon Endorses Debt Moratorium, New World Economic Order

British Ready To Collapse Euromarket ‘Within Days or Hours’

British Press on IMF, Debt and Collapse — British Conservative Party Chairman Praises “Brave” Callaghan Speech — Heath: The Crunch Is Now Upon Us.

Chicago Consolidates Around ‘No Bailouts,’ Hesitates on IDB

Chicago Banker: “There’ll Be a Lot of People Screaming on the East Coast” – “No Problem” with Defaults on Citibank – Continental Banks Chairman Calls for Capital-Intensive Development – Regional Banks Say “No” to Bailout – Wallich: “The Dollar Is Like an Ocean” – State Department: Europe Will Bitch and Moan, But....

Economic Crisis Behind Industrialist Threat To Break with Dollar

Japanese Industrialists Rip Fukuda Line

United Nations Report

Third World Nations Hesitate on Debt Moratorium

Soviet Statement ‘On Reconstruction of International Economic Relations’

India’s Chavan: Development Inimical to Debt Payment

Indonesia’s Malik: Colombo Basis of Further Negotiations

China After Mao: Same Anti-Soviet Line

Steps Toward the IDB

Italian-Initiated Consortium First Step Toward IDB

Special Reports

‘Italy Must Have the Courage To Declare Debt Moratorium’

Andreotti Address to the Nation — PSI Parliamentarian Tocco’s Call for Debt Moratorium — Il Messaggero on Converting Auto to Tractor Production.

Six Million French Workers Strike Against Giscard Austerity Program

Barre Offers Compromises on Key Economic Issues.

Perspectives for a Pro-Development Faction in Canada

U.S. Political Newsletter

Great Debate’ Hoax Disgusts Electorate

Soviets Reiterate Their Position

Soviet Offensive Against Threat of World War

Gromyko: “The Soviet Union Will Struggle for Consolidation of Peace” — Soviet Union, Denmark Sign Protocol for Peaceful Relations — Brezhnev: “The Struggle Against Build-Up of Arms Has Become Urgent” — “Strange Games of the NATO Generals.”

Third World Reports

Syrians, Falange, Israelis Ready Final Assault on Palestinians; Soviets Demand Immediate Geneva Conference

Soviet Proposal to UN for Geneva Conference

PLO Warns: “Battle of Stalingrad” in Lebanon— PLO’s Kaddumi: Kissinger Step-by-Step Diplomacy Responsible – Il Popolo: Fortani Intervenes for PLO – L’Humanité: Geneva Conference Required Now – Israel’s MAPAM Covers LaRouche Mideast Program.

CIA Coup in Thailand: Kissinger’s First Bloody Step To Wreck Southeast Asian Alliance

The Thai Military: Mercenaries and Drug Runners for the CIA – Nhan Dan Attacks Coup in Thailand.

Britain To Negotiate Majority Rule for Southern Africa

USLP Campaign Report

LaRouche on Ballot In Florida — 25th State

U.S. Labor Party Legal Fight

FBI in Contempt of Court for Slander of LaRouche

Special Report

From CIA Agent to ‘Consumer Champion’: Ralph Nader, Unsafe Under Any Cover

by Lydia Dittler

Labor Newsletter

New York Police Anti-Austerity Action Can Cut Both Ways

UMW Scores Tactical Victory over IPS But Fails To Go All the Way – Teamster Executive Fired As Carter-Levi Pressure the IBT – Bridges Names Agents Attacking ILWU – Lines Drawn on Ohio Slave Bill.