Volume 3, Number 43, October 25, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Carter Advisors Form Committee To Ensure War by 1977

‘Committee On The Present Danger’

Attack On Gen. Brown a Set-Up for War – “Brown Is Stating the Facts of Life” — Admiral Holloway: No Soviet Backdown.

The Men Behind Jimmy Carter

James Rodney Schlesinger — Eugene V. Rostow — Gen. Alexander Haig — Paul Nitze — Melvin R. Laird.

U.S. Labor Party Campaign Report

LaRouche: ‘If Carter Gets In, This Nation Is Going to War’

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. on NBC’s Meet the Press, Oct. 17.

Press Coverage of LaRouche

FEC Stalls on Auditing LaRouche Matching Funds

Treasury Initiates Investigation of USLP Member To Defend Denial of Protection for LaRouche

Carter Judge Refuses To Intervene into Electoral Harassment Of USLP

Mideast Report

Israel Occupies Southern Lebanon, Threatens Shaky Ceasefire

Africa Report

U.S. Vetoes Guyana’s Arms Embargo at UN

Soviet Sector

Soviets Link NATO War Plans to Carter Advisors

East Germans Rip Haig, Brookings Autumn Forge Blitzkrieg – Rude Pravo: “NATO’s ‘New Policy’ a Return to War Fever” – Tass: West Must Stop Stalling on European Troop Cuts – Honecker: “We Are Working To Prevent a New World War” – Gierek: “We Will Rebuff ... Attempts To Sow Chaos and Anarchy.”

International Markets

Italy Imposes Inconvertibility; D-Mark Revaluation Backfires Against Dollar

IMF Says Italy May Make Lira Inconvertible – Rockefeller Advisor: “Italy May Join Ruble Bloc” – Lazard Frères: The Debts Must Be Paid – Izvestia Says: “Not Tanks and Guns But Oil and Gas Pipelines.”

U.S. Opposition to Hyperinflation Grows

Europe: Production Figures Show Do-Or-Die Crisis

Andreotti Clamps Down on Currency Speculators, Oil Multinationals

PCI’s Longo Calls for Development Program – PCI Central Committee Meeting Debates Berlinguer Report.

British Factions Demand East-West Trade, Fusion

British Press Says Mark Revaluation Will Not Stop Economic Chaos – British Industrialist Calls for Britain To Join Comecon – London Chamber of Commerce Urges Increase in East-West Trade.

BRD Industry Wants Trade, Not Inflation or Shutdowns

Chamber of Commerce Encourages East-West Trade – CDU Warns Against IRB – West German Press Defends de Gaulle’s Monetary Policy.

French Industrialists Call for New Monetary System

Debré: IMF Has Buried World Monetary System — Gaullist Sanguinetti Slams “The Bookkeepers Who Govern Us” — Les Echos: “Revaluation of the Mark a Mere Oxygen Balloon.”

Latin America

U.S. Violates Peruvian Sovereignty with Arrest of Correspondents; NSIPS Announces Legal Action

Factional Resistance, Castro Crimp Military Plans

Echeverría: New World Economic Order or Nuclear War

Third World, Comecon Blast Kissinger for Caribbean Terror

Burnham: Guyana “In the Front Line of Combat” Against U.S. Imperialism – El Día: Kissinger Is Behind Terrorism – New Times: “The Destabilization Club.”

Southeast Asia

China Reverses Mao’s Policy

1.5 Million Strong Peking Demonstration Celebrates – “I Have Seen in Shanghai How One Liquidates the Opposition” – Festive Atmosphere Dominates Chinese Demonstrations – “Legitimacy in Peking.”

Thai Coup Followed By Reign of Terror Arrests; Strong Reaction in Region

Special Reports

Kissinger Retools ‘Zero Growth’ for Soft Approach to Third World Genocide

Top Carter Staffer Calls for Legalization of Heroin