Volume 3, Number 44, November 1, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

U.S. Labor Party Forges Coalition To Defeat Carter

Nitze: Let’s Talk About Nuclear War

Committee on the Present Danger Announces Its Existence – Rita Hauser: Soviets Are Isolated in the Middle East – Rostow Pushes for Mideast Regional War.

Traditionalists: Carter Risks War

Pittsburgh Press on Ford Speech – Scranton: USLP “Says the Truth” – Can a Man No Longer Trusted By the Co-Chairman of His National Steering Committee Be Trusted by You? A Personal Warning About Jimmy Carter – Der Stern: "Will a Peanut Farmer Become World’s Most Powerful Man?"

Labor Party Candidates Put U.S. Population on Alert

Soviet Sector

Warsaw Pact Warns Schlesinger, Nitze Against Delusions on Confrontation

Brezhnev’s Speech to Soviet Communist Party’s Central Committee – East Germans Remind Haig, B.R.D.: ‘Blitzkrieg’ Is a Losing Strategy – New Times: “Pentagon Weapons, Power And Policy” – Tass: PCF “Captive Nations” Rally “A Blow Against International Detente.”

International Markets

Will Britain Declare Freeze on Foreign Sterling Balances?

Callaghan: Don’t Push Us Too Far – Press, Labor, Members of Parliament Mobilize Support for Callaghan – Treasury and Fed: “U.S. Won’t Fund Sterling” – New York Banks: Callaghan Must Make Cuts Now – Die Welt: Higher Oil Price Endangers Western Europe – B.R.D. Chamber of Commerce Chief Demands Investment in Real Production, Calls GNP Growth “Deceiving” – French Financial Press Sees New Recession; Says Debt Unpayable – Jobert Addresses Second Congress of Movement of Democrats – Gaullist Admiral Sees No Barriers to Working With Communists.

Oil Hoax Threatened as Hammer-Blow Against U.S., Europe


Israeli Pro-War Faction Seeks To Wreck Mideast Peace

“Israel’s Interest Is Peace, But They’re Making War” — Mideast Expert: Permanent Israeli Occupation in Lebanon Could Trigger War.

Factions Battle in Israel over War or Peace


Kissinger in Bid To Wreck Geneva Conference on Southern Africa

Vorster Pushes Ahead with Concentration Camp Policy; Business Circles Panic

Southeast Asia

New Atlanticist Challenge Confronts Japan’s Miki

How Far Will China De-Mao-ize?

Latin America

IMF Forces Mexico To Devalue Peso in Pre-Coup Drive

Pro-Development Politicians Denounce Devaluations — “Monetarist Measures Must Be Abandoned” — Devaluation: Friedman’s Program — New York Broker: “Mexico Is Not Yet Safe for the Dollar.”

Deported NSIPS correspondent Denounces Peru Coup Plot

U.S. Labor Party Campaign

The Battle Against Vote Fraud

Domestic Markets

The Monetarists’ Destruction of The U.S. Economy

Carter’s Domestic Program: Slave-Labor Gear-Up for War