Volume 3, Number 45, November 8, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Carter Forces Carry Out Cold Coup Against U.S.A.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Wall Street Won’t Wait Till Jan. 20; Carter Transition Team To Force War Policy Now

Why Ford Conceded

Carter Backers Proclaim War Policy

Howard K. Smith: Carter Must Eyeball Soviets in New Cuba Missile Crisis – Carter Talks of “End of Détente” over Yugoslavia – Fritchey: Must Dump Gen. Brown – Brzezinski: “We Must Reconsider the Post-War World Balance” – Sulzberger: China, Too, Is U.S. Nuclear Adversary – Nunn in Europe To Put NATO in “Forward Defense” Posture – Agnelli: Carter “A Good Choice” – Carter To “Help” Britain with Strong Dollar.

International Press Terrified and Shocked by Carter

Italy: Carter Policy Will End Détente – Il Giorno: Carter “Came from Nowhere” But the Trilateral Commission – Il Giorno: Carter on Dangerous Foreign Policy Course – West Germany: Fear Catastrophe under Carter – Britain: Carter Victory Not a Comforting Picture – France: Le Monde’s Report on Soviet Reactions to Carter Coup – Mexican Newspaper Highlights LaRouche Charge of U.S. Cold Coup – Svenska Dagbladet: NATO Doesn’t Understand Clausewitz – Japan: Carter Election Portends Increased Economic Burden on Japan.

Soviet Sector

Soviet Union Readies Troops To Win Third World War

Volksarmee on Kissinger’s War in Southern Africa – NATO’s Strategists of Defeat – Warsaw Pact Shifts News Coverage of West – Ponomarev in Britain: “Peoples of the World Must Cut Short the Arms Race” – “Put an End to the Arms Race” – Pravda on the U.S. Elections: “Rhetoric Cannot Replace a Real Policy” – “Hawkish Circles Stopping at Nothing” To Get Votes – World Socialism Condemns to Failure Kissinger’s New Holy Alliance.

Special Report On U.S. Vote Fraud

The Evidence Shows: Jimmy Carter Is Not President Elect

Ohio: Stolen LaRouche Votes Provide Carter’s Margin of “Victory” — New York State: Court Challenge Can Reverse 270,000 Carter Margin — Wisconsin: Republicans Fight Back — Louisiana: News Election Service Kites Carter Totals in New Orleans by a Factor of 10.

the Contaminated Congress

Media Determined ‘November 2 Elections’

Evidence of Fraud Against the U.S. Labor Party

International Markets

Carter Controllers Move for Global Fascist Policy Which Will Kill Half of Third World’s Population

“Oil Embargo Means Third World Mass Starvation” – Euromoney: Commodity Rise or Third World Default.

Haig Announces Mobilization To Destabilize Britain, Italy

West Germany Builds Resistance to War Drive

Eurodollar Bankers Behind Carter Have Shut Down World Trade


Carter Victory Lights Fuse on Middle East Powderkeg, New Oil Hoax

Rabin-Peres Battle in Israel – Soviets: Israel Preparing for War.


Carter Endorses South Africa; Rhodesia Invades Mozambique

Southeast Asia

Vietnam War Creators Plan Return to 1963

From a 2½ to a 1½ Front War Against the Soviet Union

Latin America

Form Commission of Inquiry To Investigate NSIPS Peru Case

Venezuela To Try Kissinger’s Terrorists for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

International Terrorism

Die Spinne: How Rockefeller Kept the Third Reich Alive