Volume 3, Number 46, November 15, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Carter War Committee Begins Drive for Nuclear Incineration

War Committee Comes Out of the Closet at D.C. Press Conference

How the Committee Will Operate, in Its Own Words

Carter’s 100 Biggest War Criminals

A Complete Roster of the Committee on Present Danger – Carter Advisor Owen Recommends "Surprise Attack: It Usually Works" – Ambassador Scranton Calls for Détente, Peace, and Development – Rumsfeld: Ford Is Still the President!

Inside the Atlanta Mafia

World Press Rejects “Man With The Smile”

“The Legacy Kissinger Leaves to Carter” — “Foreign Policy Contradictions of a ‘Soft’ Hardliner” — “Bonn: Disconsolate After Carter’s Election” — Agnelli’s Pal — “No Innocent Farmer” — Carter Perspective Is Nuclear War — What Are the Connections Between Carter and Rockefeller — “Not Promising” — Return to the Cold War — “He Never Missed a Meeting” — Rockefeller’s Guest — “The Man Who Smiles” — A Creation of the Media — “Carter Reiterates His Threats Against the Arab Countries.”

International Markets

Soaring Gold Price Signals European Break with Carter

Brookings Prepares Genocide under Cover of Carter Reflation

Die Welt: “Its Harm Would Be Overwhelming.”

Domestic Markets

Carter Unveils Domestic Program: Slavery for a War Economy

Keyserling: We Need Slave Labor; “Opposition Is Irrelevant” — “Urban Death May Be Best for New York.”

Carter Victory Causes Mass Layoffs; Inflation, Slave Labor Plans Panic Industry


Arabs, Europe Seek Mideast Peace, Oil Agreements

Carter-Linked Committee Discloses Scenario for Mideast War.

Soviet Sector

Soviets Blast Carter War Faction

Soviets Answer Committee on Present Danger — Brezhnev: The West Will Not Split Socialist Ranks — “The Great Community” — “The Struggle for International Security” — “Mr. Haig Runs Through His Repertoire.”


Carter Endorses Kissinger Bloodbath Policy for Southern Africa

Johannesburg Star: Soviets May Test Carter in Southern Africa — Carter in Financial Mail: No Sanctions Against South Africa — Western Press Gears Up for Invasion of Angola.

Special Report

Why the West Germans Aren’t Taking Orders

The Man Who Taught Carter To Smile: Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Totalitarian Breakthrough

Latin America

Brazil-Peru Summit Puts Wrench in Kissinger’s SATO

Geisel-Bermúdez Communiqué — SATO Not in Latin America’s Interest — Argentina Reacts to “Encirclement” — U.S. Cannot Ignore Significance of Chile’s Position.

Brazil Draws the Line on Its ‘Economic Miracle’

Indict Kissinger and Levi for Terrorist Conspiracy

The Cubana Bombing — Key Personnel in the Cubana Bombing.

Peruvian Police Seize NSIPS Documents in Mail

Launch Commission of Inquiry as NSIPS Newsman Still Jailed.

Southeast Asia

China Opens Door to Soviet Relations, Attacks Mao Thought Control

Gandhi’s Dilemma: World Bank Holocaust or Communist Alliance