Volume 3, Number 47, November 22, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Europe, OPEC Aim Economic Shock at U.S. To Prevent War

Venezuelan President Perez: “Oil Price Will Be Linked to the North-South Talks in Paris” – Algeria Denounces Brookings, Carter for Plan To “Destroy The World” in Hyperinflation; Saudis Also Attack U.S. on Debt – Soviet Bloc Builds Credit Links to OPEC – Arabs Answer Kissinger: “Once Again the U.S. Is Trying To Array the Poor Nations Against OPEC.”

Italy Takes Lead To Forge Bloc To Dump Dollar

Callaghan Imposes Partial Freeze on Sterling Balances – France Backs Egypt in Drive for Geneva Talks on Mideast – “Soviets Must Help Settle Mideast Problem” – The Barre-Sadat Meeting – Le Figaro Attacks U.S. Provocations on Oil Issue.

Special Reports

European Bloc at NATO Assembly Meeting Votes No to War, Yes to Détente

West Europeans Begin Bolt from NATO’s Suicidal War Policies

Industrial Survival and Recovery After Nuclear Attack

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Saratoga Meeting Plans Carter’s First ‘100 Days’ of Fascism

Excerpts from Saratoga Conference Proposals

Soviet Sector

Soviets Denounce Committee on Present Danger, Limited Nuclear War

International Life: ‘Military Hotspots: A Threat to the General Peace’

Brezhnev and Tito Meet, Mock West’s Soviet Invasion ‘Fairy Tales’

Rude Pravo: In the Service of Peace and Progress – Brezhnev-Tito Communiqué.

New Turn in the Communist Movement

Cunhal: We’ll Defend Conquests of Revolution – Cunhal’s Speech According to the U.S. and British Press – Salinas: Solidarity with the PCP – Pajetta: No To “Eurocommunism.”


Carterites, Israeli Hawks Try To Wreck Euro-Arab Peace Drive

Cooperation Pact with Soviets Is Turkey’s Answer to Wall Street’s Economic Demands

OECD To Turkey: “Restrain Private Incomes, Hold Back Investments.”


South Africa, Rhodesia Push for Superpower Confrontation in South Africa

Vorster: “No Black Majority” in South Africa.

Why Wall Street Still Wants To Wipe Out Angola

Southeast Asia

Marcos Aide Urges Debt Repudiation in Fight for Southeast Asia

Latin America

Carter’s Soft Line on Latin America: Alliance for Genocide

An End To Paternalism? – “Depoliticize Poverty” – “We’re Not Talking About Concessions” – Human Rites.

Echeverría Expropriates Sonora Latifundists as Rightist Coup Threats Intensify

Text Of President Echeverría’s Decree Ordering Distribution of Land to Peasants.

Special Reports

Carter Camp Demands Compulsory Sterilization of Third World Peoples

How Carter Plans To Use Food Weapon Against Third World

The Politics of Starvation.