Volume 3, Number 48, November 29, 1976


International Markets Newsletter

Italy’s Forlani: Europe Must Unite for ‘Serious Dialogue’ with Third World

How The World Has Been Forced To Prop Up the Dollar

Europe Political Realignment

Political Shakeup in West Germany

Gaullists Put Government on Notice

Gaullist Debré: Call for Unity Government – Press Consensus: Giscard in Trouble.

U.S. Political Newsletter

Constitutional Forces Mobilize To Overturn Carter Cold Coup

Carter’s Certification Can Be Stopped; Legal Battle Planned

The Priority Cases — Other Cases Filed.

Vote Fraud Story Can’t Be Blacked-Out

San Jose Mercury: Could Reverse Decisions: Dissidents Challenge Carter’s Victory – Macomb Daily News: “Ford Should Have Supported Recount” – Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ghost Voters: Labor Party Charges 20,000 Ohioans Cast Ballots Illegally in Nov. 2 Election – Trentonian: Strange Bedfellows – Washington Star: Election Challenge Spreads; GOP Support Grows.

Soviet Sector

Warsaw Pact Calls for Disarmament, Economic Cooperation

Pravda: “Old Songs” – Red Star: “The Nuclear Ambitions of the Atlanticists” – Horizont: The Sexennium of Echeverría: A Balance – Neues Deutschland: Gaullists Call for Renewal.


The Effort for African Peace and Development


Arab Gulf States Move To Break Rockefeller’s Hold over the Shah of Iran


The Black Heart of Takeo Fukuda – Part I

What’s Behind the Attacks on India and Her Neighbors

Latin America

Why CAP Went to Europe

The CADI-76 Meeting: Peruvian Regime Announces Turn from ‘Peruvian’ Development Model

Peru Gov’t Caves In To Wall St.

Mexico’s Parliament To Put Monterrey Chief on Trial for Treason

“The Authors of the Rumors in Mexico” – Echeverría: Mexico Must Resist!

Special Reports

Milton Friedman’s Nobel Prize: Legitimizing Butchery

David Rockefeller’s Invisible Hand

Nazi Justice in West Germany: ELP Fined Heavily for Spreading Facts About Brandt