Volume 3, Number 49, December 6, 1976


North-South Report

Europeans, Group of 19 Fall for Kissinger Bluff Tactics

Schmidt Pledges Backup to British – Denmark: Don’t Wait for Carter – Italian Parliamentarians Denounce Postponement of North-South Talks – The Big Lie Technique – Europe’s Press on EEC Meet – Saudi Arabian Oil Minister: OPEC Will Use Oil To Back Third World – El Moudjahid: North-South Gap Taking Dangerous Turn – Yugoslav Daily: Oil Between The North and South – Prensa Latina: EEC Bowing to U.S. – Algerian Press Service: Giscard Enemy of Third World.

Gaullist Dec. 5 Congress: Preparing Death Blow to Giscard

Gaullist Manifesto: “La France Rassemblée” – Sanguinetti: Do Unto Giscard as He Has Done to You” – Le Monde: “Anything Can Happen” – L’Humanité: France Should Endorse Warsaw Pact Proposals.

International Market Newsletter

European Oil Cartel Ready To Take Over from U.S. Multinationals

U.S. Trade Deficit Rises; World Trade Falls Another Notch

General Currency Crisis To Break in January

U.S. Political Newsletter

Federal Courts In New York, Ohio, To Weigh Evidence of Fraud

Ohio Republican Leader Challenges McGough To Wage Anti-Fraud Fight – Ohio Republican Leader Finds State GOP Non-Participation “Unbelievable” – Paul Announces Election Contest.

Carter Team Covers War Drive with Vance Appointment; Soft Line Towards U.S.S.R.

Who Is Cyrus Vance?

How Carter Is Reorganizing Congress into a Reichstag

Schlesinger Threatens U.S.S.R. with U.S. ‘Aura of Power’

Domestic Markets Newsletter

U.S. Economic Collapse Set for January

The Last Annual Congress of American Industry

Soviet Sector

Warsaw Pact Proposals to West for Peace

Brezhnev: Wait for Answer on First Strike Ban

Uruguay CP Chief: SATO Augurs World War III


Palestinian Issue Near Resolution


South Africa Becoming Isolated As Rhodesian Settlement Nears

Latin America

Peru Government Threatens Arrest of Entire NSIPS Staff, Frame-Up of Vasquez Prepared

Mexico’s New President Seeks Impossible Compromise

López Portillo Inaugural Speech – Cabinet Rundown – Echeverría: Agrarian Reform Top Priority.

Jamaica’s Manley Makes New World Order Issue of New Elections

Manley: The JLP and “The Technique of the Big Lie” – World Economic Problems Explain What Is Happening in Jamaica.

Behind the Bylines

U.S. ‘Free’ Press Gags News of Labor Party Fraud Fight

Ralph de Toledano: Public Has a Right To Know About Fraud.